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Soft Skills in the Workplace: Do they really matter?

Soft Skills in the Workplace: Do they really matter? We’ll answer why it’s essential to know how to improve soft skill’s by painting you a picture. Your interview went great You briefed your recruiter about your technical skills, your answers were full of knowledge, and you feel confident about the job Y0u get your rejection […]

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Tips to Nail your next Technical Interview

How to answer the basic Technical Interview Questions? Find out here! Imagine yourself sitting in the interview room, with your recruiter ready to ask you technical interview questions. Do you see yourself prepared enough to answer them? Are you confident about your answers? Before panicking about things beyond our grasp, let’s understand what technical interview […]

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Lead the World of Marketing with these 5 master strategies

Lead the World of Marketing with these 5 master strategies  Have you ever heard of the term “Information Overload”? It’s something the average user like you and me have been suffering ever since the age of the internet has taken over.  But have we ever noticed it? Not quite. The reason mainly lies in the […]

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Mastering how to Negotiate Salary with HR: 3 Best Strategies

How To Negotiate Your Salary Package: The Ultimate Guide  During your interview prep, have you ever really considered the question of how to negotiate salary with HR of your dream company?  That fear of avoiding the salary negotiation conversation can be quite dangerous for us in the long run. In fact, a lack of negotiation […]

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Top e-learning trends shaping the future

What does the future of e-learning look like? We’re heading into an e-learning future! Agree? Studies show that employees that receive e-learning are more engaged, retain more information and are more productive. According to research by the Research Institute of America, e-learning boosts retention by 25% to 60%, while traditional methods only boast 8% to […]

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How to crack interview for a Human Resources career?

How to crack interview for a Human Resources job? If you’re wondering  how to crack interview, let us tell that a strong interview preparation can help you secure your dream job immediately. The more prepared you’re, the more confident you will seem; resulting in a favourable outcome. In fact did you know?  Around 45-55% of […]

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Are tech skills enough to crack interview? | Expertrons

Can you crack interview with technical skills? Are you preparing to crack interview? You need several job interview skills for recruiters to consider you. Some of the essential skills are soft and technical skills. Careers need a baseline of education. Some jobs do not need any technical skills, but it takes a long time for […]

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Comprehensive guide to land your dream job

How to convince recruiters to land your dream career and transform your life? Picture this scenario:  You have got an interview for your dream career. But after being isolated at home for two years with minimal professional human connection, you struggle with speaking and social skills that we used to exercise daily.  Are you wondering, […]

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