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Here’s How to Crack a Job Interview Like a Pro Are you eagerly looking to get hired in a good company but unable to crack a job interview? Then don’t worry! This piece of article has answers to your job interview related questions. Read on! According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), India […]

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How new technologies are helping NGOs The implications of technology as it progresses and changes every day are not limited to commercial businesses. NGOs and NPOs have to adapt accordingly or risk irrelevance; the business phenomena of the digital age are transforming their process paradigms and reshaping how programs are matched with donor interests and […]

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Best Career Options after B.Com – Check Scope, Job Profile, Salary, Courses B.Com is a 3-year bachelor’s degree program, most preferred by students in India. He reason is the social and financial security it provides. This course introduces students to a broad arena of subjects – Accountancy, Finance, Economics, Business Administration and Industrial Policies. A […]

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Company Culture: Definition, Benefits and Strategies In the context of companies, culture is a word thrown around on entrepreneurship blogs and business management articles. If your employer is a young company or a modern startup, it might even be talked about openly in the office. What is company culture, though? Company culture is a term […]

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How to become a career guidance expert? You’ve put in your time. You’ve spent your years acquiring knowledge. You’ve dedicated yourself to a company or two and given your best to help them grow. You’ve been evolving yourself gradually to gain mastery in your chosen field. All this effort and time has definitely given you […]

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Apps for landing a Dream Career: The 5 best App Let’s face it: if you are a working citizen in India, you might not be having the best of times in terms of mental, financial or social health. This makes you find the best apps for landing a dream career. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has […]

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How to Get Your Dream Career in 30 Days: A step-by-step guide If you’re reading this, you’re already on the path to find and land your dream career – be it a company job, internship, B-School, university or any other professional endeavour.  Expertrons, the Netflix for career hacks presents you an easy list of steps […]

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AI Videobots: Direct Communication Your Business Needs In this digital age where information can be accessed at one’s fingertips via the internet, people prefer communication that comes with ease and flexible access. As a result, companies are struggling to hold the waning attention spans of prospective and current customers and are pushing to provide the […]

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Videobots – A definitive guide Arguably the next step in human-computer interaction, videobots are the evolutionary successor to chatbots and are in their early stages of development and implementation. Slowly but surely, companies both big and small are exploring this new technology with their own approaches resulting in unique applications ranging from VR entertainment to […]

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