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Career in Management Consulting

Management consulting, an industry on the rise in India, is a lucrative career option for those interested in business-related decision making. The term is broad, and so is the sector. In this article, we take you through the consulting career for a bit more clarity and to help you decide if it is the right…

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Upskilling the Future Workforce: The Role of Colleges & Companies

With the advent of intelligent technologies that provide solutions in ways that reshape the demand for jobs, tasks and skills, it is time that our education and training systems are reassessed with these changes in mind. The Future of Jobs Report: 2018 released by the World Economic Forum reveals that “By 2022, no less than…

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Qualities of a higher level Professional

Professional achievement can be measured in two ways: the success that one finds in one’s career, as well as the growth that one brings to those around them. These two aspects are broad; here we discuss some of the traits and metrics that define a higher-level professional, based on observations of he/she they act and…

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How does career guidance help you land your dream career

If success is what you aspire then you need a roadmap that leads you to your goal. A roadmap that includes what to achieve and how to achieve, which you might get from a career guidance expert. A recent survey by researchers shows that around 93% of aspirants in India are confused about their careers.…

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Why Innovation Is Essential for Business Success in 2021

As businesses are becoming more and more digital, their dependence on IT is steadily increasing. The world’s needs and wants are also changing, requiring technological processes to fill the new voids being created. Contingencies like the current pandemic are only emphasizing the importance of Information Technology – which experts consider the “spine” of modern business…

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Here's How to Crack a Job Interview Like a Pro

Are you eagerly looking to get hired in a good company but unable to crack a job interview? Then don’t worry! This piece of article has answers to your job interview related questions. Read on! According to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), India has marked an unexpected rise in unemployment rate to 9.1…

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How new technologies are helping NGOs

The implications of technology as it progresses and changes every day are not limited to commercial businesses. NGOs and NPOs have to adapt accordingly or risk irrelevance; the business phenomena of the digital age are transforming their process paradigms and reshaping how programs are matched with donor interests and delivered to beneficiaries. Digital Technology for…

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Best Career Options after B.Com - Check Scope, Job Profile, Salary, Courses

B.Com is a 3-year bachelor’s degree program, most preferred by students in India. He reason is the social and financial security it provides. This course introduces students to a broad arena of subjects – Accountancy, Finance, Economics, Business Administration and Industrial Policies. A B.Com graduate has a great demand in the industries around the globe.…

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Company Culture: Definition, Benefits and Strategies

In the context of companies, culture is a word thrown around on entrepreneurship blogs and business management articles. If your employer is a young company or a modern startup, it might even be talked about openly in the office. What is company culture, though? Company culture is a term that broadly refers to the personality…

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