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future of web development, internet of things iot

A web developer is someone who turns designs into websites.Web development involves encoding a client’s or product team’s requirement through human language and decoding it to a computer system through different programming languages. Being said that, the future of web development is nowhere in the dark, as every industry segment requires a website to take […]

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most popular programming languages, best programming language to learn, easiest programming language to learn, the swift programming language, most in demand programming languages, most popular programming languages

The 10 Most popular programming languages to Learn in 2021 Initially, only computer programmers used to learn programming languages, but today, almost every IT engineer and software developer has to have a stronghold on more than one programming language.  If you wish to advance your existing skills or change your career to coding then you […]

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Data science, data analytics, data science jobs

5 career trends in Data Science Data Science in Future, indeed, is one of the most in-demand careers across the globe. Every industry vertical needs a data science professional who can acquire, analyze and process available raw data to come to conclusions and guide business decisions. Data Science in future is an ever-evolving career field […]

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inspirational bollywood movies, best motivational movies bollywood, best inspirational movies bollywood, motivational movies in bollywood

These Bollywood Movies With Strong Lessons To Inspire Career Bollywood indeed has a great impact on Indian audiences. From Shehenshah to Badshah and Madhubala to Mastani, every character, dialogue and story have been affecting our lives since childhood. While some Bollywood movies deliver a social message, others inspire career success. So here are a few […]

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highest paying jobs in india for fresher, top 10 highest paying jobs in india, best paying jobs in india, highest paying companies in india for freshers

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India for Freshers in 2021 What is your dream career and do you know highest paying jobs in India for freshers in 2021?Is it running a business or doing a 9-5 job?If it is 9-5 job, then what drives you to opt for it?Well, you don’t need to answer […]

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successful career, success and failure, success in life, way to success, 7 figure salary

7 Steps for Successful 7 Figure Salary within 7 Months in 2021 Every person dreams to become a billionaire one day, either by earning from a full-time job or by running a business. For any Indian middle-class working person, earning a 7 figure salary is the first step towards becoming a billionaire. This figure also starts […]

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Coping with Career Failure

Coping with Career Failure Imagine watching a Bollywood movie that has no villain who should ideally stop the hero from completing his mission…… a boring movie, right? This is how your life will look without a career failure!  A Hero’s journey is never a success without a failure.  Career failure is a part of life.  No […]

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Unemployment Problem, Unemployment Crisis in india, Unemployment Rate, Educated Unemployment, Solutions to unemployment, Employment Opportunities, Unemployment Crisis.

Unemployment Crisis in India: Amidst all the problems that exist in India, the unemployment crisis is at the topmost position. A report by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) reveals India’s unexpected increased unemployment rate to 24% in April 2020, then decreasing to 9.1% in December 2020 and 6% in January 2021. This impacted as […]

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customer service technology, AI videobot technology, AI powred videobots, business communication, customer satisfaction, customer service technology

The future of customer service technology As we progress towards greater technologies in video, real-time messaging, self-service, artificial intelligence (AI), as well as a technology that combines them all – videobots, the potential for the transformation of customer service technology is becoming bigger by the day. Customer service has come a long way, from customer-facing […]

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