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Top 3 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs in India

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Marketing Jobs, 3 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

Top 3 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs in India

Marketing is an extremely crucial element of any company or business. It helps in an overall transformation and development. The last decade witnessed significant growth in marketing jobs. Some companies prefer to hire marketing agencies to do their marketing but some companies have their in-house marketing that takes over all the operations. 

If you are interested in the field of marketing, then here is a list of companies that are known for their marketing jobs and high-end salaries. 

1. Google

Every person dreams of working at Google. Google is well known for its amazing work environment. It’s not only about the work sphere but also the brand; diversity, culture, dress code, massages at the gym, cafeteria, nightlife and the most important, international tours etc. Life at Google is just amazing and with so many perks you also get paid a high salary. The company name alone speaks for its recognition and fame. 

2. Viacom18 

Viacom18 happens to be one of India’s leading entertainment companies. It is home to many huge names in the industry. The marketing team here plays an extremely integral part in the entire operation process. It’s been in the industry for a very long time now and has created its unique place in the market.

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3. Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever, or HUL, is also one of the bigger names in the industry. Numerous huge companies come under this brand. This company has also been active and surviving successfully in the Indian market for a long time. This company also has an efficient and productive in-house marketing team. The work-life here is also great with plenty of benefits.

Other brands popular for their marketing careers and high-pay are Cadbury, Loreal, Vodafone, Coca-cola, Johnson & Johnson, Tata Motors, Pepsi and Airtel.

Being said that, getting a marketing job at these companies is not a piece of cake. One has to struggle and put a lot of effort into it. A masters degree from top schools like JBIMS, NMIMS, IIM’s, MICA, Symbiosis etc. and a good experience can be supremely helpful. As it is said good things don’t come easy to anyone, but for these positions, all the efforts are worth it.

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