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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India for Freshers in 2021

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in India for Freshers in 2021

What is your dream career and do you know highest paying jobs in India for freshers in 2021?
Is it running a business or doing a 9-5 job?
If it is 9-5 job, then what drives you to opt for it?
Well, you don’t need to answer as we know, it’s money.
In fact, money is the best motivator for many working professionals, and so it’s ok to feel that!

Most Fresher Graduates irrespective of their career domain aspire to get hired with the highest salaries. While some are fortunate enough to bag such job opportunities, others struggle for years. Many top companies do hire talented fresher graduates for highest paying jobs, but most of us are still unaware about the same.
So let us take you through a pool of a few career domains and industries that promise job opportunities with an ideal salary package in 2021.  

1. Software Developer

A full-stack software developer with 0-3 years of experience earns 3.6 lakh rupees per year on average. If you’re a fresher software engineering graduate with all the skills that industry demands, then you have high chances of earning this amount in the beginning. Your salary will go on increasing with years of experience. 

Skills Needed to Become a Full Stack Software Developer:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Analytical mind
  • Attention to detail
  • Creative vision
  • Coding
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2. Chartered Financial Analyst 

If you’re a commerce graduate and looking for one of the highest paying jobs in India, then Chartered Financial Analyst is the one. CFA is a globally recognized career option available after B.Com. A CFA can earn approximately ₹ 12LPA – sometimes even more! 

Skills Needed to Become a CFA

  • Analytical Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Math Skills

3. Data Scientist

Data Science is one of the rapidly growing sectors demanding more data scientists. If you’re among those who love playing around with data, then you can count on this profession. A fresher graduate with entry-level experience in Data Science can earn Rs. 7.5LPA.

Skills Needed to Become a Data Scientist:

  • Technical skills
  • Statistical analysis
  • Programming skills
  • Data mining and processing
  • Knowledge of SAS and other analytical tools
  • Data intuition
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4. Digital Marketeer 

No matter if you’re a B.Com, BA or BS.C graduate, you can become a digital marketeer. All you need is a passion to help brands sell their products in the market. With the right skills and knowledge, a fresher graduate can become a Digital Marketeer and en 4LPA in the beginning. This, however, goes on the increase in the future.

  • Tech-savvy 
  • Industry updates 
  • Persuasive
  • Strong-headed 
  • Determined 
  • Digital marketing knowledge- SEO, SEO, SMO, etc

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