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marketing management

Marketing in Marketing Management is the process of planning, implementing, and monitoring strategies to create, promote, and sell products or services that meet target customers’ needs.

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traditional marketing and digital marketing

The difference between Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing is one of the most broadly discussed topics nowadays; this sector is growing at a good pace & offering great career opportunities too.

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What are the basic skills needed for success in a marketing career?

Skills necessary to build a successful marketing career We are in a new age of marketing. Marketing today is very different from marketing of even just a few years ago. Traditional methods of marketing (print) have become less effective and have been overtaken by digital methods. This means that certain skills associated with a marketing […]

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Can you become a good marketer? Evaluate yourself NOW  The picture of marketing jobs in India has changed dramatically over the last few decades, and all signs are that this trend will continue. It was very much the Mad Men approach not long ago: create something gorgeous and splatter it across one of three channels […]

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