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EdTech Franchise

Business opportunities in EdTech market- EdTech Franchise EdTech aka Education Technology is one of the globally booming markets. A study estimates the EdTech market’s growth at 16.3% from now till the year 2025. So how about investing or taking up an EdTech Franchise? EdTech includes smart classrooms, online classes, online career guidance and career counselling that…

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Companies hiring freshers

Is your company hiring candidates? If yes, then how about hiring freshers? The corporate world keeps evolving everyday and so it demands high productivity from its employees. Expecting the best financial outcome isn’t bad but if every corporate company keeps hiring experienced candidates then how would a fresher get the required amount of work experience…

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Career in Management Consulting

Management consulting, an industry on the rise in India, is a lucrative career option for those interested in business related decision making. The term is broad, and so is the sector. In this article, we take you through the consulting career for a bit more clarity and to help you decide if it is the…

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