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Break the Shackles of Unemployment - Know how!

Job Crisis and Ways to Reduce Unemployment in India – A Long History! The unemployment problem is common nowadays during this period of a job crisis. During COVID-19, no one could see any way to reduce unemployment in India that rose to 27.11% in a single week.  In 2022, as per the International Labour Organization […]

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how to impress the interviewer in 5 easy ways

Interviewing for that job? Know how to impress the interviewer How to impress the interviewer? That too in the first interview. This is one of the most asked questions by interviewees. Even before you can deliver the impeccably thought-out researched answers your seniors will have started evaluating your potential for the job. So, how to […]

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100% job guarantee

Need a job with 100% job guarantee? India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the world, with a lot of new upcoming industries. This has made it possible for job seekers to get placed with a 100% job guarantee. In the fiscal year 2021- 22, the Indian economy expanded a whopping 8.2 percent. […]

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