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Signs it’s time for a Job Change

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Signs it’s time for a Job Change

A survey by Gallup states that around 85% of the world’s one billion full-time workers are unhappy with their current jobs and looking for a job change. With the common reasons like work-life balance, company culture or even higher expectations with lower CTC, it is harder to gauge why the percentage is so high.

If you too belong to the above 85% of working professionals and looking for a job change at any point of your life, then you first need to list down a few things- Reasons, causes and consequences. Post which you should also pre-plan your next step and set a new career goal. 

Switching jobs frequently isn’t a healthy professional habit, but it’s also important to identify signs that provoke you to quit your current job. Ask yourself- 

Does our current CTC that provokes you for a job change? 

Is it the unnecessary workload? 

Or the office politics? 

Or is it something else? 

Before you miss out on choosing the right career path, we want you to understand the signs that indicate if this is a good time for a job change. 

Feeling disconnected from your job 

You were too young when you chose this career. But you worked hard and bagged this position. You’ve been performing well to sustain yourself in the industry. But then you suddenly start feeling disconnected from your job.

You’ve started underperforming, you miss your work deadlines often; this isn’t normal, this isn’t how you are. If this job role isn’t exciting you anymore then it’s high time that you give a thought to a job change. Let us remind you that it’s ok to feel this and it’s ok to take decisions according to your feelings. 

A job change to make yourself more productive

Remember when you joined this company? When you were overwhelmed with the job role and CTC that was offered you? This motivated you to become productive and come out with great impactful ideas for the organization.

But lately, you no longer feel productive, neither valued by the organization. Nowadays, all your skills and talents are often overlooked. Ideally, you shouldn’t feel this while at work, but if this is the case with you then opt for a job change.

Look for a job role that plays to your strengths, provides opportunities to become a better professional, and allows you to contribute productively. 

You wake up every morning with ‘0’ motivation to go to job

Maybe you are no more interested in facing the dreadful attitude of your boss. Maybe you don’t want to work on a cliched project that won’t help you learn something new.

If every working day is as dreadful as Mondays, then you need a job change. Your bad mood says it all. Your job role and work environment including your boss and colleagues should motivate you to work. If this is missing, then you know what you need to do. 

A job change that will pay for your hard work 

In spite of working hard for more than 9 hours, achieving all the targets and meeting the deadline, your employer is paying you peanuts. Your hard work and dedication deserve a good salary package.

You need not work for an organization that doesn’t value you and your contribution. This is high time that you opt for a job change. 

You keep thinking about a job change

You are working hard and you are also getting paid sufficiently for your work. But this can’t make up your dissatisfaction. You need more, you need mental and emotional stability.

Every time you plan a dinner date with your loved one’s post office hours, your boss asks you to wait back for some or other reason. Because your organization is paying you big, it asks you to work on weekends too. Now, you no longer have a weekend life.

You are losing your work-life balance. Isn’t this a solid reason for a job change? If yes, then give it a chance. 

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What next? 

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial that you pre-plan your resignation and next job application. How will you go about it? 

Seek career guidance

A professional career guidance expert can help you choose the right career path. Besides, your career guide can also help you prepare for your next career goal- a dream job, a business or a top university for higher studies. 

Aim for top companies 

Research about the best companies that will treat you better. Make a list of the top companies you would want to work in. Let your career guidance expert know about this. 

Get trained 

Now that you’ve zeroed down on your next career or job role, you should also get trained. It’s time you start preparing for that interview and make sure you bag it! 

Share your experience 

Share your experience with other successful aspirants like you. Guide and inspire them. Become an Expert

Looking for More?

Explore our flagship product, Expertrons Job Guarantee Program if you are opting for a  job change. at Expertrons, you get trained and hired by the top companies. 

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