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Your Ultimate Guide: Career and Scope in Operations Management

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scope of operations management and jobs in operations management for freshers

Career and Scope in Operations Management

Thinking about doing an operations management course but need an overview of the career and scope of operations management?

But before that, have you ever wondered how huge corporations and industries function smoothly?

Who ensures that the right procedures that are important for corporate survival are followed diligently?

Well, This is where operations management comes in! So…

What is operations management?

Managing the operations and processing of an organization is called operations management (OM). The functions of operations management include planning, directing, and coordinating the activities of a company. 

An operations manager is responsible for a wide range of tasks that vary depending on the organization and the product or service they provide. So, let’s have a look at the important….

Responsibilities for operations management

Production management

  • Using transformation to improve operational systems, processes, and policies in support of an organization’s mission. Identifying operational inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback helps in achieving this.
  • Implement the best processes for staff to get the job done in order to ensure quality operations management in a firm.

Financial management

  • Working with the chief operations officer to look overall financial management. This includes planning, systems, and controls, as well as the organization of fiscal records (COO)
  • Managing an organization’s cash flow via balancing working capital, budgeting, financial statements, and cost-cutting.

Resource management

  • Managing and improving the HR, IT, and finance departments’ effectiveness. Additionally, maintaining efficiency through enhancements to each function, as well as coordination and communication between support and business activities
  • To optimize and coordinate employee efforts and total team productivity, create an empowering work environment.

It would be a mistake to dismiss the importance of operations management. They play an impacting role which has evolved into a manufacturing and logistics tool.

Hence at Expertrons, we have dedicated career acceleration programs to help you in setting career goals, meticulous training of generic and domain-specific skills that assure you a 100% guaranteed placement. Now that we realize the importance of operations management, what is the…

Scope of operations management in India?

Today jobs in operations management are keener to hire candidates who have the best operation executive skills and operation strategy. The scope of jobs in operations management for freshers is rising everyday in India. In the near future the competition will heat up and businesses will strive to optimize their supply chains in order to compete. 

One must prepare and develop their strengths as the demand in operations management job keeps increasing. You better start to fill in those ‘skills gap’ to be the man for the job. Hence, the next question that arises is what are …

Qualifications needed for a career in Operations 

A bachelor’s degree supplemented with on-the-job experience in business and administration-related fields is a must for career in operations management. Achieve all your operational aims in productive and profitable ways with these educational degrees. 

Although the role is challenging in its own fun way, One of our experts, Sahas Aggarwal, operations manager for Delhivery, suggests that an individual should have holistic business skills, team leadership skills as well as operation executive skills. He advises the following….

Must have skills for an operations manager 

  • Management abilities – leading cross-functional teams to accomplish company-wide objectives
  • People Skills – ensuring that all departments are communicating well.
  • Presentation Skills – conveying results and ideas to a variety of company stakeholders, including senior management and other employees.
  • IT Skills – ensuring that you are up to speed on important IT systems for the workplace and that you are aware of emerging technologies.
  • Good Teamwork – ensuring that the team works effectively together in order to achieve corporate goals and deliver products on schedule.
  • Initiative — the ability to ‘simply get on with it,’ to dedicate yourself to the tasks at hand, and to take the initiative when hurdles appear.
  • Problem-solving – entails thinking outside the box and devising rapid solutions to challenges that might be time-consuming and expensive.
  • Planning – keeping an eye on the competition, remaining current when required, and ensuring that everyone is aware of the company’s direction

But despite the skills do you wish to know what one …

Experiences while working as an Operations Manager

When one of our aspirants, who was already working as an operations manager but wasn’t achieving the desired results for her company, enrolled in our career acceleration programs to improve her work.

These were her own words after she achieved the desired results – “Being an operations manager, one thing that I always turned towards was to become a stricter version of myself to get things done at my workplace.

But with the expert’s guidance I got here at Expertrons, I realized what and where I should be working more for my improvement rather than just getting things done as if they were just a work checklist.

I was guided on such a wide base of the foundational tools and management styles or concepts that will help you do better in your field.

This new improvement and management style in me not only helped me in achieving the desired results but also helped me become a team player where my company values my position and colleagues enjoy working with me.” One must always strive to look for places of improvement.

Now, we are sure you must have become curious to know more about what this program is? See how Expertron’s career acceleration program can help you get a 100% guaranteed job by developing domain-specific skills.

So now that you have developed the requisite operation executive skills…

How to get a job in operations management?

An industry looks for a good fit when they are looking for an operations manager. This is to manage the team efficiently and in a way, that benefits the organization. The main skill that one must always work on to become a Good Operations Manager is to be able to: 

  1. Analyze the culture that pertains in a company
  2. Clean up job duties and be clear about what you need to accomplish within given deadlines.
  3. Make sure that the entire team has a say on changes and is on the same page about the new policies that you may implement.

These will of course vary with each situation but are the most basics one must-have. It is challenging but is not unachievable. So this is not a new playbook. It has always been this ambitious and demanding job. But how do you score a hit in such competitive times? How do you be that “Good Operations Manager” that companies are looking for?

The secret pathway to building a successful career as an Operations Manager!

We’re sure you are already blown away by the exciting opportunities described for the Operations Manager. But as we have mentioned above, getting the appropriate educational qualification and developing the most required operations executive skills are not enough. You have to build your dream career by starting with laying a strong foundation first. 

So we at Expertrons, are your builders to help you lay that strong foundation.
Long story short, — Expertrons PRO & Expertrons Plus — the best and only career acceleration programs that you need to enroll in.

These programs help you build a successful career in your desired domain with intensive training to instill generic skills.

We guarantee you a placement with the best industries by providing the assistance of a dedicated career counselor, one-on-one interaction with trainers, and referral requests by experts,

So what is stopping you from becoming that “Good Operations Manager” that companies are looking for? Check out Expertrons 100% job guarantee program now!

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