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Online courses you can finish in a week

It’s been over a year since all of us have been locked up in our homes because of the pandemic. Everyone has come up with their own unique way of keeping them entertained or busy. Well here is a list of some short term courses that will help you sharpen your skills and also enhance your career path so that you Excel in your career which at the same time are so informative and light that one can binge watch it and complete it. (online courses)

Google analytics fundamentals of digital marketing

Google provides these short term courses which happen to be really interesting and useful. It’s a 40 hrs long course followed by a quick test. The best part about this is that it happens to be absolutely free for everyone plus you will also receive a certification for the same. It covers all the basic knowledge about digital marketing. You can just binge-watch it and finish it in 3 to 4 days. The lessons are explained in a very easy language and are very light to take in. if you are someone who is looking to get into the world of digital marketing this one is for you.

Creative writing (skillshare)

Skillshare is a platform that offers various types of courses in different categories for you to choose from. Some of these courses happen to be as small as 47mins. Creative writing is one of them. In creative writing itself, you can have various options like essay writing, copywriting for beginners etc.

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Social media 101, buffer

With every passing day, the world is coming closer and closer through social media. It is not just a source of entertainment now but a medium to connect with people, receive and give information and much more. Buffer offers this 7-day course in social media that will help you understand everything you need to know about the social media world and how it goes about. The best tips and tricks of social media marketing put together.7 emails, 7 days, 7 short lessons about all the basics of social media marketing. Each email is a two- or three-minute read at most (with some easy options to dive deeper into full blog posts and resources).

Udemy courses

Udemy is another great platform to sharpen your skills in many different domains right from design and personal development to business marketing and IT. The courses start from a minimal value. The courses here might also add extra weightage to your CV.

The only way one can excel in life and compete in this continuous race towards success is by standing out from others and these courses will help you achieve it for a negligible amount or even for free. Sign up yourselves for these courses according to your needs and achieve your goals.

So, are you ready to make your online learning worth it?

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