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working just to pay bills

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance is defined as an equilibrium state that is to be maintained between one’s professional and personal life.  As they say, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, it is essential to sustain an equal amount of weight on each side of work and personal life. Personal life here comprises one’s relation with his/her family, personal goals, aspirations, and more. Here we talk about how you can transform your passion into a profession and not depend on working just to pay bills.

Have you often faced difficulty in managing both your personal and professional lives? During WFH how often were your boss’ calls interrupted by your mother? This is where the significance of work-life balance comes into the spotlight. 

 Poor work-life balance is caused due to :

  • Burdensome work
  • Increased responsibilities at home
  • Indecisive priorities
  • Improper time schedule

A stressful life is one of the most common outcomes of work-life imbalance. It is witnessed by the majority of the employees in the corporate sector. Work-life balance urges you to prioritize your activities in a sequential manner so that you can invest equal time in both aspects of life.

Personal and professional lives are the two sides of the same coin. No individual can escape from his or her responsibilities. 

Why is a job just to pay the bills not enough?

Researchers have found that the majority of people are motivated to get a job. Mainly, because everyone wants to be financially stable. This is to fulfill their basic needs and sustain a debt-free lifestyle.

Such people are working just to pay bills and are more concerned about creating a solid base for their earning potential. These are people for whom investment in their passions is secondary. 

However, the millennial generation does not have the problem of being in debt. Nowadays, companies/institutions provide financial assistance. This bunch of professionals have their own passion, skills, interests on which they wish to invest and work upon.

They want to feel creative and pursue their passion instead of following a time-bound odd job. Thus, if you are career-oriented, hardworking and patient, it is possible to find a successful career or job opportunity that aligns with your values and passions.

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Earlier generations of people harboured a different mindset. They had families and their prime concern was to ensure they do not go to bed with an empty stomach. A feeling of deprivation and lack of money urged them to work and earn.

Their monthly expenses were of prime concern. On the other hand, the millennials are value-driven, they stress the need to work in the right field, pursue the right profession. They are not working just to pay bills. They are demonstrative in the work field and work wholeheartedly.

Why is it important to build a career you are passionate about?

Choosing the wrong job can burn you out. By ‘wrong’, I mean a job that is not suitable for your strengths and interests. It is a common tendency among aspirants to choose the career path they see the majority of people opting for. Hence it is essential to get hold of a career that interests you. You see a particular professional making huge money out of his job.

Since your ambition is to gain enough money, you follow his path too. In such cases, one does not realise that they do not have the skills and interests necessary for that particular profession. This is where you destroy the base for a fruitful career. 

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Indeed, people learn by example. They make their decisions based on results that have always been experimented with beforehand or taken up by someone before. This is the path that has been evaluated and people are aware of its outcomes.

This is what makes people mediocre. It is suggested that people take up new opportunities, look for new goals, try out new career paths, experiment on new ideas and finally choose the career that most suits their requirements. 

Making unconventional choices will always be a tough nut to crack and requires a lot of courage. But if you trust your instincts for a moment and believe that it will grant you the career you are desiring to pursue, the choice is worth it. 

A very few people have made it to the zenith because most people have been following the crowd. Take a leap today, and work with passion. 

How can you build a career you are interested in?

Here are some career guidance tips and tricks that you should follow to build a career you are interested in :

  • Know your passion: Every successful person builds his dream career on their available potential. You need to be passionate about something in order to pursue it as your profession. No one can perform well by doing something they are not interested in.
  • Decide your type of job: The ultimate happiness and job satisfaction come from doing the type of job you always wanted to do. Given that we often spend more time at work than we do at home, it is necessary to have a fulfilling job in order to excel in your career.
  • Analyze your weaknesses: Identify your weaknesses and work on them until you reach an optimum level. Practice makes you perfect. So the more time you invest in overcoming your shortcomings, the more you will be able to polish your skills and be job-ready. Take fair feedback from people around you and take action to improve yourself. Dismissing feedback will only hamper your career growth.
  • Improve your soft skills: Learn the basic etiquettes of a workplace, work on team building, coordination skills, practice listening to people carefully, learn networking with people, improve your communication and presentation skills. Any career path you choose will always need these basic skills in an employee. It helps you build a good first impression of the people you work with in the future.
  • Try your hands at internships: Internships are the most effective way to take the first step towards a career. Take part in internship programs to gain work experience in your area of interest. This will give you hands-on experience and the taste of industry-level work.
  • Check out if a job is suitable for you: Once you start targeting a particular job opportunity, learn about the skills needed, advancement opportunities, the people working there, their ethics and work environment. If the above criteria suit you, you are good to go ahead and build your dream career in the following field with the particular company.

Every profession has a huge scope. So instead of working just to pay bills, it is necessary to work in a position that aligns with your passion and well-being, thus helping you maintain the balance between your work life and personal life. 

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