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Why do some jobs have more employee kudos than others?

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Why do some jobs have more employee kudos than others?

In today’s era, one of the primary motives behind choosing a desired career is the monetary benefit one receives. However, that is not the only determining factor. (employee kudos)

There are a number of ways by which employers please the employees. It can be by use of verbal kudos in career, like by resorting to appreciation and feedback.

Some jobs will always have more employee kudos than others since the target of employers is to retain their best employees as long as possible. So every firm target towering the other in terms of employee kudos.

In most companies, people look for skilled and experienced professionals. An employee who has a tremendous contribution to the growth and success of the company is highly paid.

Balanced employee recognition is essential for the growth of an organization. They are bound to receive more appreciation which will increase their willingness to continue working in the same firm.

Is it really all about cash?

It is an accepted fact that millennials are value-driven. Their hunt for desired pay never ends. They seek opportunities that provide maximum perks and monetary benefits.

The company that offers the highest package always takes an upper hand in their priority listing. External factors like feedback, growth mindset, positive attitude, workplace environment, etc. are less thought of when categorising a desired career.

However, research highlights that verbal kudos and non-monetary incentives have a better influence on employee engagement, thus enhancing business performance.

These are free strategies that can be easily implemented in any workplace and develop an affirmative mindset between the employees. You will often find interviewers applying this strategy to gain your interest in their company.

This builds a positive temperament for the company an individual is aiming to work for. Endorsing a bright image of the company before you is the first step. All you have to do is use verbal appreciation and magnetic communication skills.

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Peer-to-peer kudos in career and optimistic gestures are non-monetary kudos necessary for maintaining a healthy work culture. The more kudos an employee receives, the higher becomes his chances to reach the top.

What makes a job desirable? 

A desirable job is largely dependent on the perspective of an individual. Some people look for good work experience. In this case, a job that provides them with maximum research exposure or better hands-on experience will be a preferred choice. 

For others, the work environment is an important factor. In fact, a job that offers you to work with like-minded individuals or a more productive work culture will be an easy choice. 

A lot of companies today facilitate employees with concessions and perks. This includes medical allowances, family allowances, transport, and miscellaneous charges too. Moreover, these amenities help the companies boost their employee-value proposition, thus playing a significant role in retaining employees. 

Job growth, promotions, and employee recognition can be other elements that make desirable jobs. A job with areas of the potential scope of growth is always a priority. It guarantees them quicker promotions and the desire to strive harder to sit on the higher levels of the pyramid. 

Last but not the least, the majority of candidates consider the salary packages that a company offers. More financial benefits lead to more desirable jobs. 

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Does TV portrayals of certain jobs make them seem glamorous?

All job sectors are dominated by the power of business and marketing. The secret to bringing about maximum profit for a company lies in the most equipped and creative marketing strategies implemented. Hence it is an indispensable part of a job to portray their achievements, targets reached and milestones achieved in a glamorous manner.

The audience reach of any company is determined by the most alluring portrayal of their products and services. The more people know about a company and are attracted by its advertisements on TV or websites, the higher is its scope to flourish in the job market. 

Thus, no matter what heights a company reaches, it is a common instinct among all of them to showcase their services and products in an elite manner to persuade a wider audience of its credibility and reliability. 

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