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6 Things to Bring to an Interview, and 6 Things to Leave at Home

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6 Things to Bring to an Interview, and 6 Things to Leave at Home

Job interviews are a crucial part of your professional journey. Right after you mail a resume for a job application and get shortlisted, employers call you for an interview. When planning to attend a job interview, you must be well-prepared. Preparation leads to confidence. It helps you to jot down a list of required materials you need to carry during an interview. But at the same time, there may be some materials that you include in your list which are probably not required. 

So here’s a list to help you understand 6 things to bring with you to an interview, as well as six things to leave at home.

6 things to bring to an interview:

1. Hardcopies of your resume 

We know you’ve already mailed your resume for a job application, but it’s always advisable to carry the hard copies of your resume along when appearing for job interviews. This will help you refrain from getting stranded if the hiring manager or interviewer asks for a copy of your resume.

2. Notepad and Pen

This might sound old school, but having a notepad along when appearing for job interviews can help you quickly jot down notes told during an interview assessment. By doing this you keep all the important points handy with you and also look professional to the interviewer.

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3. A Portfolio of Work Samples

After analyzing your professional profile- cover letter and resume for a job application, the hiring manager would want to evaluate your work too. Depending on what type of job you are interviewing for, always carry a portfolio or work samples along when appearing for a job interview. 

4. Self-hygiene and grooming items 

The first impression is the last. Always carry a set of self-hygiene items like a handkerchief, tissues, mint, and sanitiser to look neat and tidy during job interviews. Besides, you can also carry a hair comb, tiny mirror, lip balm, and moisturizer so that your skin looks fresh.  

5. Water bottle 

There are chances of you getting a bit nervous during the interview. So, carry a water bottle with you so that you sip some water and get back to normal, look quite hydrated and fresh. 

6. Wear confidence on your sleeves 

When you carry all the required things mentioned above, the least you would require is a good amount of confidence and a positive attitude. Make sure that you look and sound confident to the interviewer. Who knows, he or she can be your next employer!

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6 things to leave at home:

1. Laptop

A laptop is a bad idea. Never carry a laptop when appearing for job interviews. Firstly, it takes time to start and secondly, you’re not going to type notes during a conversation. Avoid carrying a laptop during your interview and make sure that you give your 100% attention to your potential employer. 

2. Food and Drinks

It’s not a picnic. Leave your food items at home. If you feel hungry or thirsty, eat and drink whatever you need to before you’re scheduled to go in the cabin for your interview. Avoid carrying unnecessary things so that you look professional during your interview. 

3. Mobile phone

You should carry your mobile phone but you should also refrain from using it during the interview hours. Either keep it on silent mode or turn it off so that you don’t get distracted from your interview. You can’t risk your career for the sake of your mobile phone, right? 

4. Unprofessional accessories 

Accessories like funky bags or purses, sunglasses, hats or caps, and scarves look unprofessional. Keep such unprofessional accessories at home and avoid carrying them to your interview. 

5. Gum or Candy

Chewing gum or candy in the workplace is extremely unprofessional. If you wish to have one to smell good, have it outside. Never bring it along or chew in front of the interview. It is not just unprofessional but it also looks insulting to the person sitting in front of you. 

6. Overconfidence 

No matter how well you’ve prepared for the interview, you must be extremely polite and generous to the interviewer. Not every interviewer may agree with you or your answers, every person has an opinion and you can’t question just because you know that you deserve that job role. So, it’s better to leave bad attitudes and overconfidence at home. 

Next time when you appear for job interviews, make sure that you manage to crack one of them with a good fat salary package. 

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