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Fuel your job hunt process with Job Interview Statistics & Trends of 2022

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Fuel your job hunt process with Job Interview Statistics & Trends of 2022

Job interviews have become increasingly complicated due to the growing unemployment rate and dynamic global trends.

Instead of going with formulas & formulas, employers are doing everything possible to get the right talent. 

At the same time, this makes the recruiting process extremely challenging. If you’re facing a stressful interview situation or a global pandemic that has opened new career pathways, this guide is for you!


The job market is a nightmare!

It’s unpredictable, stressful, and challenging to navigate the complex job market in 2022. So many people compete for roles that it can be hard to know what employers are looking for in your application. 

You can keep an eye on trending job interview statistics to get an idea of what type of skills employers are looking for in the modern workplace.

After all, the world feels volatile, and you’re nervous about keeping your eyes on the latest developments — from the growing popularity of interviews to hiring policies.

Here is the comprehensive catalog of job interview statistics for winning an interview & getting hired without stress.

Hottest Job Interview Statistics and Trends for 2022

It’s time to begin some fascinating job interview statistics that can make your job hunt much more effortless.

  • Only 20% of the applicants get to the interview round

While there is no guarantee that you will be offered a job, we know that getting an interview call is a significant success factor. 

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If your application has been shortlisted, you have probably beaten 6 or so candidates to secure this opportunity. 

On average, 118 candidates apply for one job, of whom only 20 percent are interviewed. And, if you get an offer, you are among just 30.89 percent of interviewees to be selected.

  1. Average Interview Duration

If you’re applying for an entry-level position, it’s likely to be a 15-minute or less phone screen that you’ll have followed by an in-person interview with a hiring manager. 

If your experience and skill set differ from those required for your role, however, you’ll encounter more extended interviews with two or three rounds. 

Interviews lasting between 45 minutes to one & a half-hour may be held if the recruiter needs more information about your skills & qualifications before making a decision.

  1. The First Impression

Your first impression sets the tone for the rest of your first interview. So, dress professionally for your interview by wearing a printed button-up shirt, tailored suit, and dress shoes. 

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Smile and make eye contact with the interviewer; don’t forget to shake hands. Focus on speaking confidently and with conviction about your answers.

One in four recruiters reportedly will pass on a candidate who isn’t dressed for the part.

  1. Know the Employer

If you plan to pursue a job in the desired field, research the company and job well. 

About 47 percent of candidates aren’t selected because they have a vague idea about the job role and what the company does. 

Spend time researching them and learning about their business strategy and goals, then decide whether you want that job or not.

  1. Your Non-Verbal Cues Make or Break the Deal

Body language is extremely important in a job interview, and you should not go into it unprepared.

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Making eye contact with your interviewer is crucial; make eye contact between 60-70% of the time when interacting.

Moving your body appropriately to converse with them (i.e., standing up straight and leaning forward) can give off the impression that you are on their level professionally.

A Brief Look at Industry-Specific Trends

  1. Marketing Job Interview Trends

The hottest marketing trends will enable you to be a mastermind in crafting such skills as social media management, storytelling, and analytics.

Interns and entry-level marketers learn to master Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through new tools.

Are you updated with the latest marketing trends, techniques, and data? If not, you need to set yourself apart from other candidates with proven expertise in this area. 

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  1. Technology Job Interview Trends

As the COVID crisis has hit many companies, most businesses are on a hiring freeze and layoffs. It presents an excellent opportunity for people looking for jobs in the market since the crisis struck. 

Skills such as Data Science, Big Data, and Cloud Computing will be beneficial during this time. 

Organic Growth is still going strong at this time, so keep your technical skills updated and contact information up-to-date to help you stand out from the crowd.

Wrapping Up

The changing job environment is leading to a major talent crunch. A LinkedIn research report projected that by 2030, over 85 million jobs could go unfulfilled due to the global talent shortage. 

Choosing industry-recognized certification programs can be your first step towards becoming an in-demand candidate for recruiters in the era of talent shortage. 

By upskilling yourself through our Post Graduate Certification Program, you can maximize your employability potential and demonstrate that you have the necessary skills and the desire to learn new ones.

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