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How to Write a Great Job Resume

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How to Write a Great Job Resume

Before jumping on to creating a job resume, first, we need to understand the different types of professional approaches while applying for a job. A bio-data is not the same as a CV and a CV is not the same as a Resume. Then what makes these three different from each other? 


Bio-data is an archaic terminology used for CV and Resume. Most job applicants in India used this type of approach while applying for jobs and matrimonial purposes back then in the 60s and 70s. A bio-data focused more on the applicant’s personal information like name, date and time of birth, religion, caste, nationality and marital status – in as long as many pages.


On the other hand, a CV is a more detailed version of a Resume. 

Curriculum Vitae aka CV means ‘Course of life’ in Latin. It includes one’s educational qualifications, professional experiences, skills, achievements and everything that extends to even more than 10 pages at times. 


Then comes Resume, which is all about summarizing the applicant’s qualifications and professional experiences in not more than 2 pages. 

Among all the above three, a Resume is the most acceptable type of job application today. And so, this blog post will further focus on writing a great Job Resume. 

The structure of a great job resume 

If you want to appeal to a recruiter through your application, you need to follow a very systemic structure while writing your resume. 

What should be the flow of your resume and how does it affect your job application? 

The flow:

  • Name
  • Contact details 
  • Relevant skills
  • Work experience, Internships, Projects 
  • Education
  • Certifications/ Awards/ Achievements (relevant)
  • Extracurricular 

The appearance and formatting:

  • Try writing your name and contact details in date format 
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes 
  • Keep consistency in font, colour and size of the text throughout your resume 
  • Use action verbs in the speech 

Performance evaluation 

Make sure that you list only the leaps in your achievements and not every average performance. You can further segregate every achievement according to the date and companies you’ve worked with. 

Dos and don’ts in Resume building 

Most hiring managers say that they hardly spend 6 seconds on a resume, and so make sure your resume makes its place among the selected ones!

Place your contact details at the topAvoid adding irrelevant skills
Save your resume in PDF format with a proper nameNever mail them an editable copy of your resume
Check if your resume is scannable by copy-pasting the entire content in a TXT text editor and see if scramblesAvoid bragging about yourself in the resume
Keep it short and informativeAvoid short forms and slang
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Simply put, let your resume increase your chances of getting shortlisted by your targeted hiring manager. 

After a great resume comes to the point where you actually attend an interview and clear it successfully to land your dream job. Consider taking the guidance of an experienced professional to help you navigate the process. 

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