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How to Get Your Dream Career in 30 Days: A step-by-step guide

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How to Get Your Dream Career in 30 Days: A step-by-step guide

If you’re reading this, you’re already on the path to finding and landing your dream career. Be it a company job, internship, B-School, university or any other professional endeavour. 

Expertrons, the Netflix for career hacks presents you with an easy list of steps to follow. Tick off each step as you’re done; by the end, you would have landed your dream career! 

Step-by-step Guide to land your dream career:

Install the Expertrons app from Google Play Store or App Store: 

This one’s easy. The title is pretty much it. Click here to download.

Get started:

When you click on the app, it will give you an option to open it as an Aspirant. An Aspirant is someone who is looking for a dream career or other career opportunities. Otherwise, you can login as an Expert (someone who can guide others towards their careers). Since you are the former, open the app as an Aspirant. 

Fill in your details:

This is where we can start working with you to bring you the right experts (we’ll get to that shortly). You will now be able to enter your name and educational background as part of completing your profile. Fill us in on all your professional achievements to date. Add courses and internships completed, degrees received, and work experience if any.

Begin browsing:

You are now inside the largest library of expert videobots in the world! Browse through experts by various categories: by sector, company, college, city, popularity, or your intended role. 

Start watching:

We have 124mn+ minutes of videobots from 5500+ experts across many domains working with the biggest companies worldwide. 

Once you find the experts who match your needs, the next part becomes obvious. Watch them! Click on their videobots, ask questions and learn. 

Go through our recommendations:

Besides the experts who you find by yourself, our powerful AI engine also works on providing you with experts based on your profile by assimilating your information and needs. Thus, you will simultaneously see the right experts recommended for you. Watch and learn from them as well! 

Book a consultation call:

It may happen that sometimes you will need very specific information or advice that a particular expert may not be able to help you with via their videobot. Don’t worry! You can book a 1-on-1 consultation call with them and get all your doubts cleared and questions answered bout landing your dream career. 

If you need such specific advice from more than one expert, that’s possible too. You can always book multiple consultation calls with as many experts as you need so that you can use their combined expertise! 

Study your Expert Report:

Once your consultation call is complete, you will receive a clearly detailed report from your expert who you spoke with, in which they would have reviewed your career preparedness and specified the other things you need to do to land your dream career. Use this report well! 

Prepare accordingly:

Based on all the information, advice, soft skills, and career hacks you have learnt from the experts, you should start making preparations accordingly. Whether it is learning about a technical concept, or completing an online course, ensure you follow their guidance. 

Apply to your organization:

There you go! If you followed every step of the way in the process and completed it, our guess is that your interview is successful and you’re all set to join your new place of work or study. Hooray! You are now one of the hundreds of aspirants who have landed and begun their dream career with Expertrons


You don’t have to do anything in this step. If any expert you interacted with finds you deserving of a position in their company, they will refer you when there’s an opening! 

If you have found your dream career, do not forget to recommend Expertrons to your friends so that they can get the expert help they need to get launched into the profession of their choice.

Since you have now successfully completed your own interview process and joined an organization, you can do your part by sharing your experience and expertise on Expertrons as an Expert, thereby helping other aspirants in turn. What comes around should go around! Help others to land their dream career.

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