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Career Guidance Expert

You’ve put in your time. You’ve spent your years acquiring knowledge. You’ve dedicated yourself to a company or two and given your best to help them grow. You’ve been evolving yourself gradually to gain mastery in your chosen field. All this effort and time has definitely given you significant experience and industry knowledge – enough to call yourself an ‘expert’ in your domain. Now, what if you could become a career guidance expert? How does a brand new identity as an ‘Expert’ sound? 

Here’s how you can become a career guidance expert regardless of your profession!

Provide Career Guidance to those who sorely miss it

While spending years in your industry, you would have experienced the work culture that comes with the jobs in it, the expectations from someone rising in it, and its scope for aspiring individuals in the future. Such insight and wisdom are valuable! Sharing your work experience with newcomers who are set to walk in the path you have travelled can do wonders for their own careers. Guide them through the processes, help them navigate through the challenges and inspire them to do the right things to land success. This might sound like charity work, but it is not. For example, if you have 10+ years of experience working with an IT firm and someone who wants to pursue his career in IT approaches you, you can charge them for a career guidance session! Be it virtual mentoring through a 1-1 Consultation Call or imbibing mastery in the subject area via a course, you can utilize your expertise and earn an extra income! 

Network with leaders in your field 

It’s always beneficial to connect with professionals in your network. Such a network can help professional advancement, bring lucrative opportunities and boost chances of collaboration. Become a part of a career guidance expert panel, to network with other Experts from your field and grow as a career influencer. 

Refer and earn referral bonuses 

With great experience comes a great responsibility to help others climb up the career ladder and the connections in top companies to make that happen. While you provide career guidance, you can also refer the aspirants you’re helping to your company or the companies in your network and earn referral bonuses when they get hired. 

To earn all these perks, you need not go anywhere else. Expertrons helps you do it all on a single, AI-assisted Videobot Platform. Download Expertrons app on your device and sign up as a Career Guidance Expert. Complete your profile and begin reaching aspirants. If they desire your direct advice, they can book 1-1 consultation calls with you and get your personal guidance. Besides, through a flagship program called Academy+, Expertrons assures 100% job placements and so, being an Expertrons’ Career Guidance Expert, you can bag this opportunity to refer the program’s aspirants to top companies and earn double referral bonuses – from the companies that you refer aspirants to and from Expertrons as well! 

So, what are you waiting for?

Become a career guidance expert and start earning now. 

Click here to know more. 

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