How to be an HR Manager without an MBA: is it possible?

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Is MBA degree a must for HR Professionals?

Becoming an HR Manager: Is an MBA in HR really required? 

The three M’s of how to become HR manager include Management, Moderation, and Mindfulness.

We changed up the “‘M’s of marketing” to a new version, only to make you understand the importance of an HR manager. Are these ‘M’s enough to become an eligible HR Manager, or do you also need an MBA? 

The simple answer: NO. It is never mandatory to get an MBA to pursue this rewarding career, no matter how challenging it can get. A challenge is why we seek a job, not because of how comfortable it is. 

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The myth of a mandatory MBA exists because other domains like analytics and production need a proper degree to understand the dynamics of their respective fields. Let’s see why it’s not strictly necessary for an HR professional. 

The job description of an HR manager:

  • Manage Employment Processes
  • Forecasting Labor Demand
  • Balancing Labor Demand With Supply
  • Developing and Implementing a Plan

MBA V/S Domain-Specific Training 

An MBA provides a solid foundation in all elements of a business career. Hence, a bottom line approach is how MBA graduates take in the business world. However, general business skills and research methods won’t precisely answer how to become HR.  

HR generates harmony in the workplace and is responsible for top talent recruitment. You will need a more focused skill development guidance that dives deep into basic organisational skills and core competencies of an HR. 

We care about domain-specific skills more than generalities. That’s why we introduce you to Expertrons PRO. 

Expertrons PRO Transforms Hard Work into a 100% Job Guarantee

Expertrons PRO Transforms Hard Work into a 100% Job Guarantee

Our 100% job guarantee program exclusively trains HR aspirants like you on soft and domain-specific skills through 1:1 interactions with career specialists in HR. 

What’s the best part? We provide a 100% job guarantee rather than only guidance, with 4000+ hiring partners landing you a job in the best companies!

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Hence, you can get assurance that getting an MBA degree is not at the top of your “to-do” lists when pursuing a career in HR; training your skills is! 

Top 5 Skills to become a successful HR Manager

Top 5 Skills to become a successful HR Manager

Here are the top 5 skills to master if you want to become a successful HR manager:

  1. Management Strategies

It’s up to the HR professional to provide the entire team with a framework bridging people and development practices to achieve deep-rooted business goals. Strategies, planning and execution frame the spine of becoming an HR manager. 

  1. Talent-scouting

In 2022’s unemployment climate, you need a thorough understanding of employment and labour laws to hire better employees. HR laws in India advocate for company understanding, hiring requirements and key objectives in candidate selection. 

  1. Analytical Skills

HR analytics mainly include:

  • Workforce analytics
  • People Analytics
  • Talent Analytics 

Mastering the three kinds to help the team with critical situations is integral to know how to become HR manager.

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  1. Flexibility 

An HR professional needs to answer every call they get. They must adapt to emergencies and solve problems, be it conflicts or internal strife.

  1. Communication

Lastly, communication sits at the core of a fluid workplace. An HR manager needs constructive communication between candidates and the company team to affiliate faster, more efficient recruitment.

Knowing the nitty-gritty of how to become HR manager, here are some HR roles to pursue: 

  • HR Team Lead 
  • Talent Acquisition Manager/ Executive 
  • Sr. Human Resource Executive 
  • HR Manager 

Expertrons PRO aims at training candidates before guaranteeing them a job. So, we train you with relevant skills in the above-mentioned domains to make you the best candidate without a certification.

However, if you’re still unsure about your skills, take an employability test to find out what role suits you best. 

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Final Thoughts 

The primary objective to fulfil when learning to become HR manager is not grasping for that glamourous ‘MBA’ title. 

It’s to weigh your responsibilities and understand that management, moderation and mindfulness come before knowledge. A fancy degree cannot train you to become a better communicator; practice and training do. 

Train yourself with Expertrons today!

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