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How Important is a Cover Letter for job applications?

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How Important is a Cover Letter for job applications?

When it comes to applying for a job, candidates try to build a job-winning resume and prepare their best for the interview. But what most candidates miss out on is writing a cover letter for job applications. We firmly call it a mistake because 53% of employers prefer a candidate that has submitted a cover letter. In fact, less than 40% of job applicants care to attach a cover letter even when it’s mandatory. It hardly takes any effort to write an appealing cover letter. It plays a very important role in helping candidates land their dream jobs. 

Are you among those who haven’t tried writing a cover letter for job applications? 
Then, you should start considering writing one. 

Let’s explain to you why writing a cover letter for a resume is important when applying for a job. 

Competitive job market 

Every last graduate aspires to get hired in one of the top companies. And so every company receives an average of 250+ job applications. This creates a competitive environment for job seekers in the market. Being said that, to bag your dream job in your dream company, a cover letter is a must. Make sure that your resume is coupled with an appealing cover letter so that you definitely get selected. 

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Cover Letter for job applications are influential 

According to a poll held by Resume Lab among 200 recruiters and HR professionals, it seems that 36% of hiring professionals start the job application evaluation process with a cover letter. Besides, around 7 in 10 recruiters expect to receive a cover letter along with a resume in job applications even if they mark them as “optional” in job ads. Isn’t this a solid reason for writing a cover letter that can influence hiring managers? 
Well, yes, it is. 

Increase in the chances of getting hired 

According to Resume Lab’s poll, around 83% of HR professionals consider that cover letters are essential when making hiring decisions. Your cover letter for job applications can be a deciding factor for hiring managers. in a nutshell, a cover letter is an important tool. First of all, it gets you noticed. Secondly, it increases your chance of getting hired. 

Cover Letter for Job applications tell your story

A cover letter includes your purpose for applying for that particular position. This allows you to elaborate on your story, exhibit your qualifications and explain what makes you a good fit for that job role. The hiring manager or employer gets to know more about your current situation and know if you’re an entry-level employee or an experienced one who’s looking to bag a new job opportunity. 

They help you build a relationship with the employer

While job resumes talk about your professional qualification, cover letters unleash your personality. A well-written cover letter that includes your core values, accomplishments, career aspirations, and strong points that can add value to the organization you will work with, can leave a lasting impression on the employer. This can help you build a relationship with the employer, which is more or less pivotal for your professional life. 

Do you want to write a job-winning cover letter? 
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