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Get placd at amazon and amazon selection process

How to successfully get placed at Amazon

Amazon is one of the most prestigious brands where people dream of landing an opportunity to work. In this blog post, we are here to help you understand how to get placed at Amazon. Unbelievable, right? Read more to know-how. is one of the most influential economic and cultural forces and one of the most valuable brands in the world. The company founded by Jeff Bezos started with selling books and music videos, has now transformed into the largest E-commerce company in the world, which also focuses on cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence. 

One of the most frequently asked questions in this context is “How to make our resume more visible to the hiring members of Amazon?”. 

Experts recommend that it is very important to go through the job description thoroughly and frame your resume according to the job to ensure maximum visibility.  

Upon pondering this answer, you may also think 

“How to prepare for the Amazon interview process?” or ‘What is the Amazon selection process?” or “Do you have any tips to crack the Amazon interview?”

The selection process for Amazon varies depending on the department to which you are applying. For example, for the selection of our Expert who was the Channel Head Leader in Amazon, there were two telephonic interviews after which a final interview was held for her.

For coding, it was a 90-minute test on complex mathematical problems to gauge your knowledge. If you clear more than 95% of the text, you can expect a final interview callback within 2 days.

The employment rate at Amazon is significantly high. Amazon being a multinational conglomerate has job opportunities present in various domains, such as coding, sales, management, marketing, and many more. It all depends on which domain you want to work for. 

Academy+ Career Transformation Program

Through our Academy+ program,  we can train you into the skills that are relevant for you to land your dream career inā Amazon. We provide you with Expert resume references to model yours. We also work on your soft skills and build your social profile to show a better portfolio of yours to the company.

Our experts also help the Aspirants by training them to work in real-life scenarios. These teachings inculcate in them the practical experience of working in an office. Our Experts, through specially designed, industry-specific, capstone projects help the Aspirant upskill in this competitive environment which gives them an edge over the others. 

They also provide Aspirants with the right referrals, that may help them land the job easily. And along with the right references, through training, and proper upgrading of skill you will most certainly land your dream career.

To those, who have already made it into Amazon, if you have any tips that may help other young Aspirants get the chance that you never got, and help them get a job at Amazon, you are welcome to join our Expert family.

There is a learning and earning opportunity, just for you. And this is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. 

We have a lot of offers for those who want to join us, as an Aspirant and an Expert. 

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