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How to Get a Job at Google in India

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How to Get a Job at Google in India

Google is the indisputable champion of the search engine domains maintaining the position tenaciously for decades. Marking more than 70% of worldwide online search requests, this American giant is considered a dream destination for a huge spectrum of individuals from diverse origins, who aim to get a job at Google. 

The Blog tries to help you understand how to move ahead from the ‘Google India Careers’ page and build a profile that helps you get a job at Google. 

Following is an amalgamation of advice, experiences and expertise from the profiles that succeeded. It will help you gain insight into the processes and how to succeed in getting a place in the Google Careers handbook. 

Before the Interview 

The most frequently asked question is “How to prepare your resume?” Our Experts speak of two aspects primarily- elaborately embellished representation of your

  • a) Achievements
  • b) Skill-set.

When writing for a prestigious company like Google, you have to mention the most trivial details to the most significant. Whether in school, college or work, everything should be mentioned with all your skills and achievements, explicitly.

This represents a plethora of capabilities and rewards, thus manifesting yours as a versatile profile. 

One of our Experts with technical expertise, mentioned

aspirants should perform some intensive field-specific projects to mention in the resume. These can be participating in a unique web development project, competitive programming and more.

These, when mentioned on your resume, help you attain an edge over the rest of the candidates.

Another repetitive query is “How to research about the company and Google careers?”

You can either choose the primary means of contacting the people, working at the organisation, directly or you can use secondary sources like Google Career pages ( country-specific, for example- Google India Careers) to gain information.

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Sometimes Google also performs ‘on-campus’ and ‘off-campus drives’; you can stay updated for the same through the means of your college placement cell or the company website. You should be well-versed with your job profile and the tasks it entails. Detailed knowledge of Google will surely be an addition to your credibility. 

You should try projecting your journey up until now and find possible instances, milestones or decisions that can be questioned. Make a tally and formulate your answers for each one of them.

Once you have a draft ready, practice them loud and clear numerous times to make yourself accustomed to the points and explanations. You should also practice self-introduction and descriptions for your projects (if you have mentioned any). 

Note: This might seem vague but it helps: 

  • Go through the Google reviews and try to find the problems users are facing
  • Work on the probable solutions for the same 
  • Use them to your advantage during the interview

During the Interview 

Most of our Experts say “Be confident and calm during the interview. You should look reliable and experience not haughty and manipulative with your statements. “Think before you speak” because each word can be used against you. Don’t fidget or break eye contact. 

Listen to the question and think. It is alright to take some seconds to structure your answer. If you don’t know the answer, tell the truth and show eagerness to learn. 

Google’s myriad product portfolio makes it one of the top four influential companies of the high-tech marketplace, alongside Microsoft, Apple and IBM. It is a remarkable platform to become a part of and with the right guidance you can crack the hyped ‘selection process’ tag to finally get a job at Google.

That is exactly where our programs and Experts can help you. 

Expertrons Job Guarantee Program and get genuine reviews and interview hacks to get into Google and many of your dream organizations. 

Download our app and commence the journey towards your dream profile. 

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