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Gender differences in jobs – How’s it impacting the younger generation?

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Gender differences in jobs, gender differences and gender specific jobs

Gender differences in jobs:

Occupational stereotypes have endured through time. India, even to this day, has deep-rooted gender differences in jobs. Mechanics is a man’s job. Teaching is a woman’s job. Some of the female-dominated jobs are Management and caretaking. Whereas finances or technology are for men when it comes to taking up a job.

Gender-specific jobs have prevailed for generations. Individuals who try to step aside from these preconceived notions are often called out by society as less of a man or too forward for a woman. 

Type Cast by the gender gap 

The problem with gender is that it stipulates how we should be rather than recognizing how we are. 

Gender discrimination somehow finds itself in every aspect of our life but. Gender stereotypes have shaped our lives and still do so. Career/jobs are no exception. 

  • Being a man society expects you to be highly career-driven and hardworking. Choosing a job that pays less or is a stereotypical female job makes you less masculine. Men experience negative bias when they are working in positions that others associate with women. There’s no wonder why men entering female-dominated industries or professions tend to abandon them in the long run. 
  • If a job is high-skill and high-paying, it is a man’s work. When a profession is arbitrarily assigned to men, it is perceived as more credible than any woman’s profession. Stereotypical female jobs are often low-paid and undervalued. Female designations instinctively mean less authority regardless of the gender difference or minority of men in the field. Women are less reliable when it comes to business; they have a hard time finding access to land or credit. Moreover, the significant gender gap in the field makes it difficult for women. They’re often suppressed and downgraded. 
  • Around 39% of women said their gender “will make it harder to get a pay raise, a promotion or a step ahead in a career.” According to the 2017 Women in the Workplace report, released by McKinsey & Company and, in contrast, just 15% of men said the same. Men have their share of difficulties opting to choose a stereotypical female job, but undeniably women have more battles to win. 

The gender gap here is worrisome:

This culture is not only harmful to women, but it also restrains men from crossing gender barriers. Women are trapped in low-paying jobs and low-productivity businesses when all they want is to be treated equally. On the other hand, men are money-making machines.  

When gender stereotypes get attached to a job, it is biased with the authority that people attribute to the man or the lady in that position. People who enjoy their jobs are likely to be more optimistic, motivated, learn faster, make fewer mistakes, and make better business decisions. Hence jobs shouldn’t be gender-specific.

The gender gap or difference between men and women should not overpower talent and willingness to work. 

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Stigma and changing opinions:

Non-compliance with societal norms and breaking stereotypes may be liberating but when it comes to practicality and application, it’s just as difficult and intriguing. 

The pop-culture has made people more accepting but when it comes to the choice as a consumer, the stigma remains. 

A female hairdresser is preferred over a male hairdresser.


A male architect is preferred over a female one.

But interestingly, 

A high number of men and women have begun to branch out their career aspirations, breaking free from the socio-economic constraints. Men feel no shame in taking up Stereotypical female jobs and have begun striding in female-dominated industries. Similarly, typical male jobs are better paying and respectable, giving women ample reasons to conquer the male-dominated sectors. 

Traditional gender roles seem to be changing impressively but the war is far from won. Strong manifestations can bring a change in consumers’ perspectives. 

We’ve progressed for sure, India has come a long way since independence, we’ve seen many brilliant female pilots and engineers, incredible male designers and artists.

We’re growing, taking steps slowly but steadily towards a new world. Occupations should be best suited to abilities and talents. We’ll win when every individual in a position of authority will be given equal respect, irrespective of their gender. 


Careers have no gender. Do what you love, don’t let society tell you otherwise.  

We’re here to assist you on your unconventional career journey. 

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