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Coping with Career Failure

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Coping with Career Failure

Coping with Career Failure

Imagine watching a Bollywood movie that has no villain who should ideally stop the hero from completing his mission…… a boring movie, right? 
This is how your life will look without a career failure! 

A Hero’s journey is never a success without a failure. 

Career failure is a part of life. 

No wonder, it has been a major concern among youth nowadays who either fail to get hired or are unable to run a business start-up. However, these aspirants often forget that failure is not the end. It’s the beginning of improvement and success. 

If you or someone you know is facing difficulties in coping with career failure, then let us explain to you why career failure is essential and beautiful.

1. Accept the career failure

“If you have never failed, you have never tried anything new” – Albert Einstein

This simply means failure is a sign that you tried. You might have given your best in your graduation year exams and bagged good scores too. But if you fail to find a job role that you deserve, that doesn’t mean you’re unsuccessful. In addition to that, you need to analyze the problem first and then you would definitely come out with a solution. 

2. Revisit your failure 

Now that you’ve analyzed the problem, you must note down them. Do you lack something that your dream job role demands? Maybe your skills or maybe you’re yet to zero down on what career path you should choose. Revisit these hurdles. No matter if you’re a fresher graduate or a working professional who aspires to get hired in a top company, your dreams matter! 

3. Ask an expert

Ask someone who you think can guide you through your success road. Seek professional help from a career counsellor or career guidance expert. Seeking professional advice can help you clear all the doubts and realize where you need to improve

4. Learn what you lack 

After realizing what comes your way to success, you should start turning those weaknesses into strengths. Learn how to build a job-winning resume, hone your existing skills, prepare the best to crack any interview in any top company, keep motivating yourself to become a better version of yourself. See, career failure is just an indication to take a ‘right’ turn towards your destination- success. 

Here’s some advice –

We went through the data produced by the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education), the Education Commission, and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). According to this, more than 50% of Indian youth do not have the right education and lack necessary skills for employment. A low skill set often accounts for unemployment, and this shouldn’t happen to you. Make sure that you become the most irresistible job candidate that every top company would want to hire.  

Looking out for something more?

Check out what Expertrons Job Guarantee Program has to offer you. Expertrons has helped more than 3.5L job aspirants to rise above their failure and embrace success by placing them in top companies.

Our elite panel of top-notch industry experts guide our job aspirants through their career path and refer them to top companies. Further, our team takes care of it. 

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