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customer service technology, AI videobot technology, AI powred videobots, business communication, customer satisfaction, customer service technology

The future of customer service technology As we progress towards greater technologies, videobots – a concept which has the potential for transforming customer service technology is becoming bigger everyday. Customer service technology has come a long way. From customer-facing professionals to telephone query handlers to online systems and even chatbots that provide immediate assistance through […]

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Business opportunity, EdTech, EdTech market, Videobot, AI videobot, career guidance, business opportunity, edtech industry

Business opportunities in EdTech market EdTech aka Education Technology is one of the globally booming markets. A study estimates the EdTech market’s growth at 16.3% until the year 2025. So how about investing or taking up an EdTech Franchise? EdTech includes smart classrooms, online classes, online career guidance and career counselling that has taken a new […]

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career counselling online, career guidance, career hacks, free career counselling, placment startegies, professional development skills, team building skills, upskilling the workforce"

Upskilling the Future Workforce There are various intelligent technologies that provide solutions in ways that reshape the demand for jobs, tasks, and skills. It is time that our education and training systems are reassessed for upskilling the Future Workforce. The Future of Jobs Report: 2018 released by the World Economic Forum reveals that “By 2022, […]

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Business Strategy Development, Strategy Planning, Business Opportunities, Business Strategy Planning, Information Technology and Business Technology and Business, Strategy Development Strategic Planning Process, Success in Business

Why Innovation Is Essential for Business Success in 2021 As businesses are becoming more and more digital, their dependence on IT is steadily increasing. The world’s needs and wants are also changing, requiring technological processes to fill the new voids and for the business success. Contingencies like the current pandemic are only emphasizing the importance […]

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New Age Technology for NGO, Digital Technology, Application of Business, Video Conferencing Technology, Videobot Technology for Communications

How New Technology for NGO is helping them grow Technology is progressing and changing every day. Its usage is not limited to commercial businesses. New technology for NGO(s) and NPOs is getting implemented every other day. The business phenomenon of the digital age is transforming their process paradigms. It is reshaping how programs are matched […]

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Company Culture, Workplace Culture, Organizational Cultures, Company Relationships, Employee Relationswork Culture, Organizational Culture and Leadership, Employer Employee Relationship

Company Culture: Definition, Benefits and Strategies In the context of companies, culture is a word thrown around on entrepreneurship blogs and business management articles. If your employer is a young company/modern startup, it might even be talked about openly in the office. What is company culture, though? Company culture is a term that broadly refers […]

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Ai powered videobot, Automated process, career advanement, digital customer experience, videobot application, videobot assistant, videobot technologies for business, virtual conversion, virtual presence.

AI Videobots: Direct Communication Your Business Needs In this digital age where information can be accessed at one’s fingertips via the internet, people prefer communication that comes with ease and flexible access. As a result, companies are struggling to hold the waning attention spans of prospective and current customers and are pushing to provide the […]

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online career guidance experts, comprehensive career development, online career guidance, career transformation program, videobot technologies.

All you need to know about Videobot Technology: A Useful Guide! Arguably the next step in human-computer interaction, videobots are the evolutionary successor to chatbots. VideoBotsare in its early stages of development and implementation. Slowly but surely, companies both big and small are exploring this new technology with their own approaches. This is resulting in […]

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