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Top e-learning trends shaping the future

What does the future of e-learning look like? We’re heading into an e-learning future! Agree? Studies show that employees that receive e-learning are more engaged, retain more information and are more productive. According to research by the Research Institute of America, e-learning boosts retention by 25% to 60%, while traditional methods only boast 8% to […]

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best new year resolution ideas 2022

New Year Resolutions: 15 Career goals that guarantee Success! Are you still making the same old resolutions- losing weight, eating healthy, and saving more? Don’t get us wrong: these are all admirable objectives. Every year, though, we make the same New Year resolutions and then fail to keep them. If you relate to this case, […]

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Gender differences in jobs, gender differences and gender specific jobs

Gender differences in jobs: Occupational stereotypes have endured through time. India, even to this day, has deep-rooted gender differences in jobs. Mechanics is a man’s job. Teaching is a woman’s job. Some of the female-dominated jobs are Management and caretaking. Whereas finances or technology are for men when it comes to taking up a job. […]

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employee kudos, desirable jobs, desired long term career, kudos in career, desired career, employee recognition, desirable jobs

Why do some jobs have more employee kudos than others? In today’s era, one of the primary motives behind choosing a desired career is the monetary benefit one receives. However, that is not the only determining factor. (employee kudos) There are a number of ways by which employers please the employees. It can be by […]

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Marketing Jobs, 3 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

Top 3 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs in India Marketing is an extremely crucial element of any company or business. It helps in an overall transformation and development. The last decade witnessed significant growth in marketing jobs. Some companies prefer to hire marketing agencies to do their marketing but some companies have their in-house marketing that […]

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What is Cloud Computing, Benefits of cloud computing, type of cloud computing, what is cloud computing

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing, also called Utility or On-demand Computing, is the distribution of services like databases, storage, servers, analytics, software, networking, and intelligence across the Internet. It offers faster innovation, adaptable sources, and economies of range. In fact, the title cloud computing was inspired by the cloud symbol that is utilized to […]

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covid19 oxygen, covid-19 oxygen, ketto, medical care facilities, oxygen concentrator, suppoter fundraiser

Expertrons Join The Mission Oxygen. India is going through a major crisis in terms of oxygen supply. Many people are dying because of insufficient oxygen availability in the hospitals and COVID care centers. It’s time to support and reach out for help and do our small bit for the affected population. mission oxygen We, at Expertrons, […]

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Job interviews, resume for job application, interviews, job interview tips, job resume, job sekeers

6 Things to Bring to an Interview, and 6 Things to Leave at Home Job interviews are a crucial part of your professional journey. Right after you mail a resume for a job application and get shortlisted, employers call you for an interview. When planning to attend a job interview, you must be well-prepared. Preparation […]

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cover letter for job applications, cover letter, job application, job resume

How Important is a Cover Letter for job applications? When it comes to applying for a job, candidates try to build a job-winning resume and prepare their best for the interview. But what most candidates miss out on is writing a cover letter for job applications. We firmly call it a mistake because 53% of […]

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