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As the banking and finance industries focus on digitalization, the technology landscape continues to evolve rapidly. Technological progress will transform today’s financial institutions into like-for-like institutions of tomorrow.

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Upskill with top IIT accredited Certification course

Top IIT accredited Certification course for a secured career in Marketing Want to get a secured career in marketing and be a leader?  Marketing is a tough and challenging job that demands a lot of attention and practice! In order to excel in the field, you need exceptional skills. Many IIT online certificate courses are […]

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Is HR a stressful job

Is HR a stressful job? A fact guide! This is one of the most often asked questions, ‘Is HR a stressful job?’ While every other job seems stressful on the outside, the HR post in company is usually considered the most stressful.  Since the HR post in the company juggles a lot of departments, people […]

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role of human resources

All you need to know about Human Resource Management: An Ultimate Guide! It is widely accepted that the role of human resources in an organization is indispensable. The importance of HRM is more than any other position in the company for the smooth functioning of the organization. Have you ever thought about why Human Resources […]

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Career Pathway in Business Operations

Career Pathway in Business Operations: A Definitive Guide! Are you struggling to build the ever-evolving business skills to kickstart your career pathway in business operations? You are not alone!  To operate at a pro level in today’s dynamic business landscape, you need to realise that there are a lot of different areas and choosing just […]

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What will be the Digital Marketing Salary in 2022?

Get to know the Highest Digital Marketing Salary in 2022 – A Definitive Guide!  Out of all other marketing careers, the most popular one is digital marketing. With the advent of digitalization, the digital-marketing field provides the highest salary jobs in India per month.  The digital marketing field has ditched traditional marketing methods and has […]

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Is MBA degree a must for HR Professionals?

Becoming an HR Manager: Is an MBA in HR really required?  The three M’s of how to become HR manager include Management, Moderation, and Mindfulness. We changed up the “‘M’s of marketing” to a new version, only to make you understand the importance of an HR manager. Are these ‘M’s enough to become an eligible […]

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Lead the World of Marketing with these 5 master strategies

Lead the World of Marketing with these 5 master strategies  Have you ever heard of the term “Information Overload”? It’s something the average user like you and me have been suffering ever since the age of the internet has taken over.  But have we ever noticed it? Not quite. The reason mainly lies in the […]

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challenge faced by HR professionals

The struggles of an ‘HR Professional’ never have an end!   It may be a bit of figure-of-speech and a truth to an extent. As we all know, human resource management can be an exciting business, but the challenges faced by HR professionals can go on and on. Do you agree?  You will always find constant […]

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