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unconventional career options, Unconventional jobs

7 Unconventional jobs popular in 2021 7 Unconventional jobs, 85% of professionals are unsatisfied with their jobs today. It is hard to understand why. What could be so disappointing; they do pay well, right? True, but as time passes, the gravitas of the financial aspect decreases significantly; then, Purpose and Passion drive one’s enthusiasm and […]

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Marketing Jobs, 3 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

Top 3 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs in India Marketing is an extremely crucial element of any company or business. It helps in an overall transformation and development. The last decade witnessed significant growth in marketing jobs. Some companies prefer to hire marketing agencies to do their marketing but some companies have their in-house marketing that […]

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Get placd at amazon and amazon selection process

How to successfully get placed at Amazon Amazon is one of the most prestigious brands where people dream of landing an opportunity to work. In this blog post, we are here to help you understand how to get placed at Amazon. Unbelievable, right? Read more to know-how. is one of the most influential economic […]

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how to get job at google, google career, get a job at google

How to Get a Job at Google in India Google is the indisputable champion of the search engine domains maintaining the position tenaciously for decades. Marking more than 70% of worldwide online search requests, this American giant is considered a dream destination for a huge spectrum of individuals from diverse origins, who aim to get […]

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Career in demand, career in demand for future, which stream has more scopes

Top 4 Careers in Demand that are here to stay Almost a decade ago software engineers were in great demand but today the scenario is not the same. Hence, it is important that you know which careers will be in demand over the next 10 years. No career can stay in demand forever. As the […]

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Online courses you can finish in a week, best Online courses, easy Online courses, job oriented online course , online courses with certificates.

Online courses you can finish in a week It’s been over a year since all of us have been locked up in our homes. Everyone has come up with their own unique way of keeping them entertained or busy. Well, here is a list of some short-term Online courses that will help you sharpen your […]

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benefits of online learning, what is the time management skills global perspective, importance of critical thinking

The Benefits of Online Learning: 7 Advantages of Online Degrees Benefits of Online learning?Are they any?Online learning is not a new concept. Even before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and the worldwide lockdown, online classrooms existed, institutes and classes used to hold online sessions for students who can’t access on-the-ground education. But since the […]

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successful career, success and failure, success in life, way to success, 7 figure salary

7 Steps for Successful 7 Figure Salary within 7 Months in 2021 Indeed, every person dreams to become a billionaire one day, either by earning from a full-time job or by running a business. For any Indian middle-class working person, earning a 7 figure salary is the first step towards becoming a billionaire. Moreover, this figure […]

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Career in consulting, career in management consulting, consulting career, consuling, consultant, management consultant, business, business management

Career in Management Consulting Management consulting, an industry on the rise in India. It is a lucrative career option for those interested in business-related decision making. The term is broad, and so is the sector. In this article, we take you through the consulting career for a bit more clarity. This will help you decide […]

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