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Career in Mass Media – Scope of Journalism in India

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Careers in Mass media, as a career domain, has started to gain more recognition during the last few years and is predicted to be in demand in the upcoming years. It is a perfect amalgam of creativity and mass communication. If you are someone with creative intellect who is social, likes to reach out and communicate then this field is suitable for you. 

Moreover, Mass media deals with creative ways to reach out to people and grab their attention. Here are some career options in the mass media field that you can opt from. 

Various job roles for having a great Career in Mass Media :

1. Fashion Photographer

Fashion photographers usually work closely with fashion designers, fashion labels, fashion houses, and models. The job of a Fashion Photographer is quite creative and artistic. They have to conceptualize frame settings and shoot photographs, portfolios, etc that showcase fashion within the required theme concept. 

2. Film Director

A film director’s task is to envisage a screenplay into a fully formed film. To do this, they oversee the artistic and technical elements of film production. Their job entails managing the sets, defining the scenes, communicating with the actors, and organizing the film crew vis-a-vis their vision of the film.

3. Art Director

An Art Director’s work is to lead a team of artists. Mainly, Art Directors articulate vision to their team and determine which artistic elements to use or review. In addition to that, they also develop budgets and timelines along with determining how to represent the creative director’s concept. So, if you have an appealing or creative skill, this option is definitely for you.

4. Event Manager

Conducting, organizing, and managing events is a major task and needs to be handled with utmost care and precision. This is where an event manager comes into play. Events managers are responsible for organizing and running all kinds of promotional, business, and social events. Additionally, they control the whole project, from planning to execution, with respect to the requirements requested by the clients. 

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5. Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Managing public relations is a difficult yet important task. It requires reaching out to people, thus creating a position for your organization in the market. Moreover, a Public Relations Officer is the principal person responsible for all communications, public relations, and public affairs in an organization. Moreover, the PRO, with his team, is responsible for conducting and managing all PR Events and Media Relations for an organization.

6. Radio Jockey

A Radio Jockey, popularly known as an RJ, is a person who hosts a talk show on the radio. In simple words, if you are someone who loves talking to people and has a great command of your language, then you should be an RJ. It’s a fun job and entertaining job.

No wonder, Mass media is one of the rapidly growing industries with huge scope. It is such a fun and entertainment industry that makes complete use of your creative intellect.

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