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No career is expected to be in demand forever. As it is said “necessity is the mother of invention,” as a specific need emerges, new inventions/positions are engendered. Almost a decade ago software engineers were in great demand but today the scenario is not the same.

There are numerous unemployed individuals with an engineering degree.  It is very important to do thorough research about your desired field before taking any concrete steps towards it. You should be aware of the longevity of the field within the ambit of upcoming contemporary scenarios. Following are the career options that have a bright future in the market for the upcoming years. 

Data Scientist – This field has witnessed a significant amount of growth in contemporary times. A data scientist deals with collecting, analyzing and interpreting an extremely large amount of data.

This role is an offshoot of several traditional technical roles, including mathematician, scientist, statistician and computer professional. It is regarded as an integral facet responsible for the growth of a company. Data scientists are paid generously and this field holds immense potential in the upcoming years. 

Health Care Practitioner – The growth of the healthcare industry works coherently with the human race and is expected to grow with each passing year. From a physician, surgeon, dentist, optometrist, podiatric physician, chiropractor, resident or intern to any registered nurse, all these professions hold a significant position in the list of competent career profiles for the upcoming years.

With the escalating amount of health issues observed in the population, healthcare practitioners will certainly gain more value. The people in this industry earn a tremendous amount of money. 

Sports Therapists – Millennials are very conscious about their appearance, especially their physique. Nowadays, They prefer to hit the 24-hour gyms over nightclubs. So, there is a growing need for personalized and certified trainers to help them crunch their cores.

Most in-demand trainers are Sports Therapists to ease strained hammies and Nutritionists to advise on which protein shakes to gulp down, how to maintain a perfect diet and more.

Psychiatrist – Mental illness is something that has been around us for a long time but was considered taboo and not addressed efficiently. With the emerging awareness, people are ready to accept, understand and face it. This is where a psychiatrist comes into play.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental health. He understands and finds a connection between both physical and mental conditions. Psychiatrists train at medical schools before starting with their psychiatry training. It is equally challenging as any other medical field and is considered a rewarding profession.

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