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A selection of top-notch experts from a variety of fields disseminating crucial advice about landing the best careers out there.

Upcomming Events

Conducted by :- Dr. Prafulla Ranjan

Date       : 13th January, 2021

Time       : 04:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Slot         : 100

Price       : Free

Past Events

Conducted by :- Anvita Dekhane

Date       : 3rd September, 2020

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤  What do i focus on in my first job or internship?
⬤  Should I pursue an MBA? Does an MBA make sense in the current scenario?
⬤  Careers after MBA - What do i do after an MBA?
⬤  How do I get started with my job search?
⬤  How do I prepare my CV and cover letter?

Conducted by :- Jay

Date       : 19th December, 2020

Duration : 45 Mins

Session Overview
⬤  Areas of focus for an independent practice
⬤  Change in finance with the transformation of business due to the pandemic
⬤  Career choices in finance
⬤  CA as a course: the journey, preparing for exams, articleship & time management
⬤  Opportunities after completing CA
⬤  Preparing for interviews at various finance roles

Free Live Career Mentorship Session

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