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Upcoming Events

Conducted by :- Girish Ahuja

President (Marketing) at Breathe Easy Consultants | Ex-Vice President at TVS Srichakra Ltd | Ex GM at Philips Consumer Lifestyle

Date       : 20th March, 2021

TIME        : 02:30 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤   Planning your career in the field of your choice
⬤   Choosing the right industry
⬤   Choosing the right function within an organisation
⬤   Skill sets to build your career

Conducted by :- Netali Agrawal

Data Scientist at Infosys | Data Science Mentor at Co-Learning Lounge

Date       : 23th January, 2021

Time       : 06:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Slot         : 100

Price       : Free

Past Events

Conducted by :- Vishal Wadhwa

EVP at Fullerton India Credit Company Ltd | Ex- VP at Tata Consultancy Services | Ex- VP at Citigroup Global Services Limited

Date       : 13th March, 2021

TIME        : 11:00 AM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤   Leadership in the finance world
⬤   Characteristics of leadership
⬤   Types of leadership & progression
⬤   Crisis leadership & case study
⬤   NBFC and Fullerton India background

Conducted by :- Tarun Mehra

CEO at Sanabh Consultants | Ex-COO at Swastik Production | Ex-Business Head at Zee Network

Date       : 27th February, 2021

TIME        : 05:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤   Understanding marketing and its role in business
⬤   Evolution of marketing
⬤   Different types of marketing
⬤   Best marketing techniques
⬤   Careers in marketing

Conducted by :- Col Sanjeet Sirohi

Retired as Colonel from Indian Army | Motivational Speaker and Soft Skill Trainer Institute of Hero’s Quest | Josh Talk Speaker

Date       : 25th February, 2021

TIME        : 05:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤   Armed forces as a career
⬤   The prerequisites for achieving a career goal
⬤   Qualification required for Armed forces
⬤   The Sashastra Seema Bal examination preparations
⬤   Tips to crack SSB interview

Conducted by :- Subhendu Acharjee

Demand Planning Manager at Anheuser-Busch InBev | Ex- Production Officer at Britannia Industries Limited | EPYM from IIM-Calcutta

Date       : 10th February, 2021

TIME        : 05:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤   What is FMCG, and what products come under it?
⬤   Why is work in FMCG industries lucrative?
⬤   Skills required for an aspiring FMCG professional
⬤   Analytics In FMCG industries
⬤   The way forward for FMCG industries

Conducted by :- Ganesh Balakrishnan

Co-Founder at Flatheads Shoes | Ex Vice president at Shopclues | Ex Co-Founder and CMO at Momoe

Date       : 5th February, 2021

TIME        : 05:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤   A startup or a corporate job, which is the better choice after graduation?
⬤   What factors to consider when deciding where to work?
⬤   What is my first 5-year career plan?
⬤   Do I need an MBA to start my own business?
⬤   I have a startup idea. What should I do next?

Conducted by :- Prakash Shesh

Management Trainer | Managing Partner at Creative Business Techniques | Ex- Divisional Manager TATA International LTD | IIM Ahmedabad

Date       : 3rd February, 2021

TIME        : 05:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤   Strategies to do well in any personal interview
⬤   Special strategies to do well in MBA interviews (IIMs & others)
⬤   Given the enormity of the task, how does one prepare for these interviews?
⬤   Why should you pursue an MBA?
⬤   What are the skill sets that companies are looking for in MBA graduates?

Conducted by :- Dhananjay Kavathekar

Business development manager at Efficient Envirotech Pvt Ltd | Ex-Senior General Manager Project at Thyssenkrupp Industries I P Ltd.

Date       : 30th January, 2021

TIME        : 06:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤   Educational options after engineering
⬤   Various career disciplines in mechanical engineering
⬤   Startup / entrepreneurship opportunities in industrial sectors

Conducted by :- BHAVIN SHAH

Founder & CEO, SQVe Consultants | MML Global Mentor Board Member

Date       : 29th January, 2021

TIME        : 05:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤  From junior design engineer to CEO - my journey
⬤  The A-Z of civil engineering
⬤   Career opportunities after a civil engineering education
⬤   Future trends in civil engineering
⬤   Tips for a bright career in engineering

Conducted by :- SATYA THOPALI

Human Resources Director & Business Development at Hebeon Technologies| Ex Director at Sphere

Date       : 28th January, 2021

TIME        : 05:00 PM

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤  Introduction to HR
⬤   Functions of HR
⬤   Importance of communication skills, teamwork, and leadership
⬤   Understanding the technology/business requirements and working with the business (projects) team

Conducted by :- NETALI AGRAWAL

Date       : 23th January, 2021

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤  Importance of programming languages like Python and JavaScript in Data Science
⬤  Qualifications required to become a Data Scientist
⬤  Job opportunities for freshers in Data Science
⬤  Difference between deep learning and machine learning
⬤  The relation between maths and data science

Conducted by :- DR. PRAFULLA

Date       : 13th January, 2021

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤  How the pandemic has affected the finance sector with the transformation of business globally
⬤  The job opportunities that the finance sector has to offer
⬤  Interview preparation tips for various finance job roles
⬤  The extra skills required beyond performing well in academics

Conducted by :- Jay Bohra

Date       : 19th December, 2020

Duration : 45 Mins

Session Overview
⬤  Areas of focus for an independent practice
⬤  Change in finance with the transformation of business due to the pandemic
⬤  Career choices in finance
⬤  CA as a course: the journey, preparing for exams, articleship & time management
⬤  Opportunities after completing CA
⬤  Preparing for interviews at various finance roles

Conducted by :- Anvita Dekhane

Date       : 3rd September, 2020

Duration : 1 Hour

Session Overview
⬤  What do i focus on in my first job or internship?
⬤  Should I pursue an MBA? Does an MBA make sense in the current scenario?
⬤  Careers after MBA - What do i do after an MBA?
⬤  How do I get started with my job search?
⬤  How do I prepare my CV and cover letter?

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