This agreement (“Agreement”) is executed on March 31, 2023 (also referred as “Date of Execution”) by and between:

EXPERTRONS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013, having its corporate identity number U93000MH2019PTC332651 with its registered office at 202, Floor 2, Wing A, Evertop Apartments CHSL, Sahakar Nagar, J P Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai 400053; email – hereinafter referred to as "the Company" or “Expertrons” (which expression shall unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof mean and include its affiliates, group companies, successors and permitted assignees);


, residing at and can be reached at Mobile No. and email  hereinafter referred to as "Aspirant" (which expression, unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, shall be deemed to mean and include his heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrator and permitted assignees) along with residing at  and can be reached at Mobile No. and email as a guarantor for Aspirant for the purpose of this Agreement (‘Guarantor”).

The Aspirant, Expertrons and the Guarantor are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Parties” and individually as “Party”.


a. The Company is engaged in the business of providing services of training and placement along with career guidance, expert consultation and job referral opportunities at top companies
b. The Aspirant has expressed his/her desire to enroll himself/herself into the Expertrons Program (as defined in clause 4 of the Agreement) of the Company.
c. In consideration for the enrolment into the Expertrons Program, the Aspirant agrees and acknowledges to be bound by the terms and conditions as set out in this Agreement.


    1.1. The Agreement shall come into effect from the date of the execution of this agreement and shall continue to be in force till end of the Expertrons Program.
    1.2. The Expertrons Program will commence upon execution of this Agreement and shall end on the receipt of the first job offer letter or selection confirmation, via Expertrons or by self or by any other sources or 6 months from the date of commencement of the Expertrons Program, whichever is earlier
    1.3. Notwithstanding anything else mentioned in the Agreement, this Agreement shall be terminated automatically without any further action required by any Party, in the event the Upfront Fee is not received by Expertrons within seven days of signing of this Agreement, and in case of physical mandate (P-nach) form, 20 days of signing of this Agreement.

    The Course Fees shall be NON-REFUNDABLE in nature.
    2.2. The payment term of the Course Fee is as follows:
    2.2.1. Upfront Fee, i.e. fees towards the training and development being Rs {{Sale Value}} /- payable as a part of this agreement.
    2.3. Balance Fee, i.e. fees towards the placement of the Aspirant, if aspirant entire into the placement pool, shall be paid as follows -
    2.3.1. If Aspirant received a selection confirmation, leading to an offer for employment, from an employer introduced by Expertrons for this purpose, with Gross CTC Value of Job offer more than or equal to Rs 2,50,000/- (Rupees two lacs and fifty thousand); the Balance Fee payable would be due immediately upon receipt of such an offer would be equal to {{CTC}} % of the annual Cost to Company (“CTC”) or total annual emoluments offered by the employer to the Aspirant. 
    If Aspirant received a selection confirmation, leading to an offer for employment, from an employer introduced by Expertrons for this purpose, with Gross CTC Value of Job offer less than Rs 2,50,000/- (Rupees two lacs and fifty thousand); the Balance Fee payable would be Rs. ZERO.
    2.3.3. If Aspirant received an offer for employment from an employer not introduced by Expertrons in placement pool (i.e. Aspirant is self placed) for this purpose, with Gross CTC Value of Job offer more than or equal to Rs 2,50,000/- (Rupees two lacs and fifty thousand); the Balance Fee payable would be due immediately upon receipt of such an offer would be equal to Rs 9,000/-
    2.3.4. If Aspirant drops out of the course while he is in the placement pool,  the Balance Fee payable would be due immediately, equal to Rs 12,000/-.
    3.1. By signing this Agreement, Aspirant confirms that he/she has gone through all the eligibility criteria and basic requirements of the course as mentioned below -
    3.2. This course is for someone who is of age lesser than 30 years i.e. born on or after 1st January 1992.
    3.3. This course is for someone who is a graduate or pursuing the last year of graduation.
    3.4. This course is for freshers or experienced professionals with a relevant experience of up to 3 years. For operations domain, only freshers or less than 6 month experienced Aspirants are eligible.
    Has access to a laptop or a desktop with internet access for attending sessions, job application profile making, resume building, etc.
    3.6. Shall be available for a min. 8 hours every week to take training and development sessions under the Expertrons Program.
    3.7. The medium of instruction would be in English only and Aspirants shall be comfortable in speaking, reading, writing and understanding at least basic English.
    4.1. Training:
    4.1.1. 1-1 Goal setting / consultation calls with recommended experts (upto 6 calls for 30 mins each)
    4.1.2. Premium access to 50 experts’ resumes from top companies
    4.1.3. Premium access to all of our capstone projects
    4.1.4. Live group training with trainers (30 sessions, 2 hrs each) on both Hard skills and Soft skills
    4.1.5. 1:1 calls with trainers (upto 10 calls, 30 mins each

    Note:The duration of the training is ideally about 4-6 weeks. You may complete your training within 2 (min) weeks to 12 (max) weeks depending on your availability, and your learning and development rate. Placements will start after that, which also take average 3-4 weeks depending on aspirant competency and prevailing job market conditions.

    4.2. Training to Placement handover:
    4.2.1. Regular process: Post completing all your training sessions, you give an assessment and mock interview, taken by the Placement team, and move into the Placement pool if cleared. Else, you go back into re-training.
    4.2.2. Subject to relevant job availability, you can be moved from Training to Placement pool in 2 more ways:
    4.2.3. Fast Tracking to Placement pool, if you are clearing all assessment criteria and interview
    4.2.4. Flexi: If you are open to any job, placement team can prioritize you

    4.3. Placements:
    This is an optional service, Aspirants may choose to not enter into the Placement Pool. If they enter into placement pool, the following would be applicable
    4.3.2. Post your training you will be allotted a dedicated placement coordinator
    4.3.3. You will be given reach-outs for referrals: 20 reach-outs to recommended experts for referrals
    4.3.4. Premium access to our job portal
    4.3.5. Job lineup for Aspirant will be done as per domain and location chosen during enrolment, subject to placement team interview results. Under domain, no specificity of industry (E.g. Sales aspirant wanting only BFSI or Ecommerce industry) or job-role (E.g. Sales aspirant wanting only B2B sales) can be entertained Job-role eligibility, CTC etc details will be as per the market standard. If you are not a fresher, and are targeting a job in a domain that is different from your current domain (domain where majority of your work experience lies), you will be treated as a fresher in terms of the CTC or job-role.

    The Expertrons Program will be deemed complete on the receipt of the first job offer letter or selection confirmation, via expertrons or by self or by any other sources. Continuing with the Training program is optional in such a scenario. However, Placement services will be deemed completed.

    5.1. Aspirants shall attend the training and development program regularly, as scheduled
    5.2. Any leave of absence from the program shall be duly authorized in written to Expertrons, and cannot be for more than 30 days.Overall program duration will get extended by the same amount as on-hold period
    5.3. Aspirants shall maintain professional behavior during the course and placement procedure. It may be noted that any unprofessional behavior at any stage may lead to immediate termination of program, with possible legal action. In any such event, Aspirant would be liable to pay the due Course fees (as mentioned in clause 2 of this agreement)
    5.4. Aspirant shall provide true information while entering into this Agreement, and that he/she has not provided any false, misleading or deceptive statements or omissions of fact to Expertrons, finance partners and hiring partners. 
    5.5. Aspirants shall pay the fees as per the clause 2 of the agreement.
    Any changes done to the details filled in Enrollment form like communication details, mobile number, email-id, or anything shall be updated to Expertrons team (via email to within 7 days. 
    5.7. Aspirants shall strictly understand the course fees and its details, especially the non-refundable nature of payment as mentioned in clause 2 of this agreement.
    5.8. Aspirants shall attend all the training meetings and interviews with utmost sincerity and professionalism.
    5.9. During the Expertrons Program, Aspirant is not allowed to skip job interviews provided to them, which may be termed as an adherence Issue, unless any major disconnect exists between job opportunity lined-up and aspirant’s enrolment choices of domain, location, CTC, etc. Such grievances, if any, should be recorded on email, and raised with the career coach.
    5.10. Once agreed to sit for a hiring process, Aspirant is not allowed to backout in any way from an interview or not accept a resulting job/internship offer. Backing out may be termed as an Adherence Issue, if no grievance has been raised previously.
    6.1. The obligation to pay the Course Fee is joint and several between Guarantor and the Aspirant. It is clarified that Expertrons would have the right to pursue both the Aspirant as well as the Guarantor to recover Course Fee which is overdue.
    7.1. Expertrons scope of services under this Agreement would be to provide Expertrons Program to the Aspirant,
    7.2. The obligations of Expertrons under this Agreement shall cease immediately upon occurrence of any defaults, as set out in clause 2
    8.1. In order to help Aspirants who need financial support to pay the Course Fee, Expertrons has tied-up with multiple third party lenders. The Aspirant could avail this option, for which the subvention (interest) charges are borne by Expertrons. If Aspirant defaults on a loan provided by any such lender, the Aspirant would be liable to pay an additional fee of Rs 50,000 (Rs Fifty Thousand) and such additional fee would be over and above Aspirant’s obligation to pay Course Fee in full.
    8.2. In case of any default by an Aspirant in making payments to any said lender, the Expertrons Program would be kept on hold for the Aspirant, till such time that the default continues.
    9.1. That all the information that is provided to the Company in connection with entering into this Agreement are true and accurate and that he/ she has not provided any false, misleading or deceptive statements or omissions of fact;
    9.2. That he/ she will make best efforts to seek employment as per the instructions under the Expertrons Program;
    9.3. That he has read and understood this Agreement as well as the policies and protocols of the Expertrons Program, and would comply with all the covenants in them with all earnest
    9.4. That the contact details of the Aspirant and the Guarantor mentioned in this Agreement are correct and any change thereof would be promptly communicated to Expertrons
    10.1. This Agreement, including the formation, validity, interpretation, execution, amendment, and termination of and settlement of disputes under this Agreement, will be governed by the laws of India.
    10.2. In event of any disputes, differences or claims arising out of or in connection with or incidental to this Agreement, which are not settled amongst the Parties in a mutual and amicable manner, the same shall be referred to arbitration before a sole arbitrator to be appointed mutually by the Parties within a period of 30 days from receipt of a notice invoking arbitration. In case the Parties do not mutually agree upon an arbitrator, the provisions of the Indian Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 shall apply for the said purpose. The seat and venue of arbitration shall be Mumbai and the proceedings shall be conducted in English. Courts in Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the purposes of any proceedings under the Arbitration Act. The Fee payable to the arbitrator will be as per the Fourth Schedule to the Arbitration Act.
    11.1. This Agreement shall be terminated upon the occurrence of any of the following conditions:
      11.1.1. on expiry of the term of the Agreement as mentioned in the clause 1 of the Agreement;
      11.1.2. on account of death or permanent disability of the Aspirant; 

    In WITNESS WHEREOF both the parties hereto have set their respective hand and seal to these present on the day, month and year first herein above written.


    12.1. Any legal cost involved due to breach of this Agreement by the Aspirant, shall be paid by the Aspirant
    12.2. This Agreement constitutes the complete agreement and sets forth the entire understanding and agreement of the Parties as to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes all prior discussions and understandings in respect to the subject of this Agreement, whether written or oral. 
    12.3. Any notice, demand or other communication given or made under or in connection with the matters contemplated by this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be delivered personally or sent by facsimile or prepaid registered post with acknowledgment to the addresses mentioned in the description of the Parties.
    12.4. Except to the extent caused by the willful misconduct of the Company, the Company nor any employees of the Company shall be liable to the Aspirant for any loss of employment, lost income or profits, consequential, exemplary, incidental, indirect, or special damages.
    12.5. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the provisions of clause 2 (Payment of Course Fee) shall survive termination of this Agreement other than the event mentioned in clause 7.2
    12.6. Notwithstanding the term of Agreement, the Aspirant agree that in the event, any prospective employer with whom an interview of the Aspirant is scheduled for the purpose of this Agreement, but not proceeded with by the Aspirant, the Aspirant shall not solicit any employment with such a prospective employer within 6 months from the end of the term of this Agreement




Expertrons (For Expertrons Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) 

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Ms. Krishna Sapriya



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