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Business opportunities in EdTech market

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Business opportunities in EdTech market

EdTech aka Education Technology is one of the globally booming markets. A study estimates the EdTech market’s growth at 16.3% until the year 2025. So how about investing or taking up an EdTech Franchise?

EdTech includes smart classrooms, online classes, online career guidance and career counselling that has taken a new shape during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All the colleges and universities were shut during the worldwide lockdown but students were able to connect with their teachers through online classes.

Right from video conferencing portals to mobile applications, EdTech companies have hit the floor with convenient solutions to lockdown. EdTech has been a leading industry even before the COVID-19 outbreak. Then it also brought its momentum to keep leading in the future too. 

Amidst the huge mosaic of business opportunities, EdTech has been attracting many investors to invest and earn high ROIs. 

Let’s explore how the EdTech market has opened doors to business opportunities for millennials and Gen Z. 

EdTech start-ups 

Millennials are tech-savvy. They are grown-up socializing digitally and so they have a strong grasp over technology. One of the Mumbai-based EdTech companies, Expertrons operates an AI-assisted videobot platform focused on helping college students, graduates and working professionals with their career management and goals.

Isn’t this interesting? This and many companies like Expertrons have started coming up with innovative ideas to keep the education system going in the Nation. 

EdTech has been benefiting both end consumers and businessmen in different ways:-

  1. E-learning- Online lectures and classes are convenient to many college students looking to learn something advanced and doing live projects for better experiences. 
  2. Videobots of Experts- Fresh graduates and working professionals looking to land their dream careers seek career guidance. These videobots of real-world industry experts can help job aspirants choose the right career path and land their dream jobs. 
  3. Videobots for businesses- Be it be an educational institution or a corporate organization, every business needs a seamless pipeline of communication. Videobots can do wonders with streamlining business communications and helping businesses generate leads and boost their sales. 

This is how EdTech startups use technology in education, helping students and businesses prosper in their own ways. 

Investing in EdTech companies OR taking an EdTech franchise

Businessmen either invest directly in EdTech companies and earn big ROIs or they buy an EdTech franchise. EdTech startups like Expertrons sell its franchise to budding entrepreneurs and let them earn 100% market share of the AI videobot technology. 

To overcome communication challenges and gain 3 times more ROI, Expertrons has introduced videobots for businesses. With a 35% increase in sales and leads and 80% automated communication, Expertrons promises 24/7 support to its customers. Investing in or taking up a franchise of such futuristic technology creates a win-win situation for both parties. 

If you’re among those budding entrepreneurs looking to be a part of such disruptive technology, then count on us. Click here to enquire and someone from the team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

At Expertrons, we inspire success. 

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