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The Evolution of Fintech in Banking: Tracing the Fintech Future of BFSI

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The digital revolution has dramatically impacted diverse industries, including the BFSI sector. The integration of fintech in banking has been one of those core advancements that has revamped the BFSI industry for the better. Over the years, the fintech industry has also made remarkable improvements. Fintech in banking is one of the notable additions that has majorly brought necessary reforms to the industry. How fintech actively integrates with banks is no longer unfamiliar. 

The implications of fintech on the banking industry are far too many. It has directed the banking and the financial services sector to a more uniform approach. By providing innovative solutions to traditional banking errors. Findings show that the global fintech market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.8% between 2023 and 2028. It is also estimated that the worldwide market value will reach approximately $324 billion by 2026. These statistics advocate for how fintech has been spreading its branches across the globe.

And so, our area of concern today in this article will be how fintech in banking has improved services, its implications and prospects.

How is FinTech redefining the BFSI Industry?

Fintech in Banking has taken over the traditional methods of the BFSI industry, making tasks more systemised and less time-consuming.

Now that fintech forms an essential aspect of the BFSI sector, there are various ways in which fintech is redefining the ecosystem.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

The integration of AI into the banking sector has been one of the most remarkable upgrades ever since digitalization took charge of the changing market trends. With the implementation of AI and ML, banking and financial institutions have automated tasks to get more detailed insights and combat security threats.

  • Mobile Banking:

With more people accessing smartphones, it becomes easier to push mobile banking, wherein customers can access their transactions, make payments or even monitor their activity with just a few taps on their screen. Banking institutions have actively utilised financial technology to make mobile banking the new norm. Mobile banking offers the same services as traditional banks but provides quicker and more user-friendly solutions.


  • Biometric Sensors:

Fintech in banking has taken incredible leaps in bringing automation and more secure data protection solutions. Biometric sensors have been one such remarkable innovation for that cause. It requires customers to access their information only after performing certain checks and scans.

  • E-wallets:

The growth of E-wallet applications has been the most significant indicator of fintech growth. It is the primary source of rising digital payments that have become a fundamental part of our lives today. People often prefer making online payments rather than carrying cash. This has created a decisive parameter for banking and other businesses to adopt e-wallet systems to make transactions easier and hassle-free.

  • Smart Chip Technology:

Smart chip technology or EMV technology is a chip-based payment system wherein microprocessor chips are used in credit or debit cards. This helps to make more secure payments without the risk of fraudulent transactions.

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Implications of FinTech on the BFSI Industry

The arrival of fintech has improved efficiency, helped banks automate repetitive tasks and reduced costs with more productivity. 

The contributions of financial technology have been enormous, serving as an engine to banking services making them more convenient and accessible to the general public.

  • Cost Reduction & Better Productivity:

Fintech solutions have facilitated better productivity. It has automated time-consuming tasks, allowing multiple operations to be executed in one go. It has further helped reduce operational costs, streamlining processes and ensuring greater efficiency. 

  • Faster Payments with More Transparency:

Digital payments have revolutionised the face of banking today. The integration of fintech in banking has enabled customers to make quicker and more secure payments. It further allows customers to monitor their activity, track transactions and exercise total control over their financial activity. 

  • Improved Customer Service:

Fintech in banking has brought new tools and technologies that set new customer service and satisfaction standards. Banks can now deliver personalised services and understand customer needs with detailed insights to meet their requirements. 

  • Enhanced Security Solutions:

Fintech has made necessary changes in security systems wherein biometric systems, smart chip technology and encryption have made transactions more safe and secure for customers.

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Fintech has only brought rapid advancements in the banking and financial sector. These advancements have not only improved customer satisfaction but have also simplified tedious, repetitive banking operations. Today, innovation is the only holy grail towards bringing a digital revolution in the economy. 

And to support this growth, the BFSI sector always looks for dynamic professionals who can adapt to this changing ecosystem. Professionals keen to build careers in this domain must be well-versed with the latest technology trends. Being said, Expertrons’ PG Diploma in Banking and Financial Management covers an industry-centric curriculum with access to a global online library preparing you for the dynamic digital world of banking and finance.

So, if you possess a profound interest in management in finance or want to excel in public finance and management or any fintech-oriented field, having a solid grasp of the latest technology patterns and trends is a must. Top corporate finance courses like Expertrons Pro MBA bridge the skill gap and boast 100% placement assurance in top firms like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Motilal Oswal and many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Fintech uses technology and innovative software in financial services to make financial processes more secure and quicker. Fintech has evolved gradually in the global economy, taking basic banking and financial operations to more advanced solutions with the help of blockchain, AI and machine learning.

As more and more industries adopt fintech solutions to keep up with the changing trends, career prospects in fintech also offer professionals abundant opportunities like data analysts, software development, cybersecurity, product managers, blockchain developers and many more.

Fintech has brought more advanced solutions to traditional financial practices that not only improve customer services or make enhancements in their current offerings but also embrace more strategic methods to remain current with the current patterns of the competitive market.

A successful career in fintech demands professionals to be adept in programming languages, financial competence, problem-solving, and sound knowledge of the current market trends and regulations to develop a  comprehensive understanding of the technology patterns and nurture a global mindset.

Although a finance-relevant background is preferred to enter the fintech industry, aspiring professionals with diverse backgrounds with transferable skills like sound business knowledge or tech proficiency can add tremendous value to this domain. Nurturing a growth mindset and constantly developing relevant skills through learning or professional training can be more beneficial to proving your commitment to the field.

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