How to Become a Project Manager in 2023: Steps & Paths

The role of a project management professional is pivotal in any organization. 

Do you agree?

An average of 11.4% of investment at organizations is wasted due to poor project performance. The job requires planning, design, and implementation before anything else.


Project managers are the bridge between operations and strategy. The role of a project manager is to be a senior executive between operations, design, delivery, and service teams in any organization. 

Proper training is required for any project manager at any organization since various management roles are associated with it.

Your work may sometimes seem simple, but there are simultaneously enough challenges for project management. 

The factors determining your success as a project manager or project management professional are how you approach those challenges and manage those issues effectively.

Here are the steps to becoming a successful project manager in 2023:

Key steps to becoming a successful Project Manager

Project management is a crucial role that can bring down wasted investments and improve performance at an organization. Let’s learn how to become a Project Manager in 2023:

#Step 1: Learn what skills are needed.

To succeed in a field like a project management, one must have the skills and knowledge necessary for any job. Proper education about your specific industry will provide you with the tools needed to get a job within that industry.

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Many first-time managers do not realize that project management is a complex, multifaceted role. This is why new projects should be proactive in ensuring they understand the position they want to occupy.

#Step 2: Consider a reputed certification course.

A certification program is one of the best ways to enter the right career track. 

Continuous learning is vital in our world, where skills become obsolete every five years.

At Expertrons, we have Advanced Certification Programs accredited by E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati to develop the specialized skillset for highly demanding fields like Marketing and Human Resources. 

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Being among the top 3% of industry professionals and being a leader in your desired industry is not just a dream but an achievable goal with these programs.

Key Highlights of the Program:

  1. Industry-specific curriculum
  2. Latest Industry skills
  3. 50% increase in earning potential
  4. Career Transformation in just 24 weeks
  5. Training from industry experts

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#Step 3: Build Project Management experience

To become a real project management expert, you must go out there and use the principles you learned in your research. 

You need to leverage 80% more value to your resume & bring in 3x exponential progress through a prestigious certification. This is how your practical experience becomes handy, where you can analyze problems during your day-to-day work.

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#Step 4: Look for Entry-Level Positions

Looking for entry-level positions is crucial to helping you establish a career in project management. You can gain valuable exposure and mentorship by working alongside an experienced project manager.

#Step 5: Get the right career guidance.

Working for yourself is no easy feat. It would help if you had help, advice, and motivation to achieve something in this new world of work. 

At Expertrons, our mentors can make all the difference. Under their right direction, you can build a solid foundation to make significant career decisions.

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Do you need a degree to become a Project Manager?

If you want to become a project manager with a degree, that’s fine. It is crucial to building credentials, though, as a part of project manager responsibilities.

To create credibility, you must obtain the required knowledge and experience. Certification from a reputed institute like E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati adds more weight to your resume, thereby increasing your chance of getting shortlisted for interviews.


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