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If success is what you aspire then you need a roadmap that leads you to your goal. A roadmap that includes what to achieve and how to achieve. Which you might get from an online career guidance expert.

A recent survey by researchers shows that around 93% of aspirants in India are confused about their careers. After performing well in their academics and spending a lot on education, applying to top universities and companies. In fact, aspirants are still confused and found without a clear strategy.

Confusion is a huge hurdle to success that can be overcome through professional online career guidance.

What is career guidance?

Unlike seeking advice from parents and friends, professional career counseling relates to comprehensive career development. This assists an aspirant in making the correct career choices and implementing the best methods to achieve a career goal. Online Career guidance is the act of guiding the aspirants throughout their social, educational, and financial journey.

Who provides online career guidance?

Although anyone may offer it, the best source of guidance is industry professionals. With sufficient years of work experience who provide wisdom, hacks, and advice to help aspirants make better career choices.

Who is eligible to seek online career guidance?

Any college student, graduate, or working professional who aspires to succeed in life is eligible to seek professional online career guidance.

What should one expect from an online career guidance session?

A career guidance session

Before jumping on to applying for jobs, aspirants should look for where they stand on their professional front. Be it their educational qualification or professional experience. After analyzing what they already have, it becomes easier to understand where exactly they lag.

A professional career counseling session helps aspirants choose the right career options and path depending on the skills they possess. Later comes the improvisation stage where the career experts look for where the aspirants need to improve. Additionally, including technical and employability skills or personality development. This kickstarts the aspirants’ journey towards a successful career.

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Domain-specific professional training

Every career domain requires a special set of skills – and online career guidance experts can help aspirants here too. They help them hone their existing skills, add the required ones, and present themselves confidently during job interviews.

Resume building training

After zeroing down on the right career path comes applying to jobs in the companies best suited to the aspirants. Moreover, a job application includes a resume that needs to be appealing to hiring managers.

Moreover, a professional career counseling expert helps aspirants build a strong resume with the most necessary elements, increasing their chances of getting shortlisted.

Interview preparations through mock interviews

A job interview is an important part of any aspirant’s career journey. Mock interviews enable aspirants to prepare for real-life scenarios and become more professional and confident. In fact, a professional online career guidance expert acts as the aspirants’ career coach inspiring them to play best in the field (Interview) and win the match (Job)!

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Job referrals

Some career counseling experts also refer Aspirants and get their interviews lined up in top companies apart from guiding them through their career paths. This opens the door to success for many aspirants.

So, what are your aspirations?
Dream job, a dream university, or dream career?

Right from choosing the career path to landing your dream career, Expertrons assists you throughout.

The world’s largest AI Videobot platform of 5500+ online career guidance experts, Expertrons has been transforming the careers of many aspirants across the nation. Its flagship program Expertrons Job Guarantee Program and assists them throughout until they land their dream jobs successfully.


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