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Understanding What is Corporate Finance: Exploring Careers and Growth Prospects

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Corporate finance is one of the most valued designations in finance. Not only does it pay very well, but it undoubtedly is very stable with enormous earning potential. It is one of those career options with a strong projection into the future financial services scenario.

To build a career in this very domain, we must first understand what is corporate finance and the various roles and responsibilities within the realm of financial services. Although corporate finance offers a challenging career pathway, it is equally rewarding once you master the core skills and remain ahead of economic trends.

Hence, today, this article will shed light on what is corporate finance and how one can build a remarkable career in this field, with each position explained in a hierarchical order.

What is Corporate Finance?

To understand what is corporate finance, it must be known how integral it is to the growth and success of any organisation. Corporate finance professionals are individuals with commendable quantitative skills who chart the company’s financial process per the goals and long-term objectives set by the organisation.

This involves using various tools and techniques, handling complex financial data, analysing them,  preparing financial reports, and streamlining monetary processes. It requires due diligence and sincerity to excel in a field that involves tremendous responsibility and dedication.

Any trivial error can also cost the company a fortune, and that’s where corporate finance professionals come in. Their fundamental responsibility is to minimise errors in the finance department and safeguard the company’s financial health.


Exploring Top Careers in Corporate Finance

Climbing up the ladder of corporate finance careers takes work. It takes diligence, dedication, continuous learning and upgradation to prove your proficiency and eligibility for a desired job role. Jobs in corporate finance usually revolve around three main functions- Capital Management, Capital structure and capital budgeting.

Below, we will look into the top careers in corporate finance, each segregated in their hierarchical order:

Entry-level Corporate Finance Jobs

  • Financial Analyst:  Financial analysts examine financial information to understand how well an organisation is performing, its potential risks and profitability. Their role involves evaluating revenue and expenses and identifying the scope for improvement through strategic planning.

  • Business Analyst: Business analysts are responsible for improving the company’s decision-making. They assess company processes and practices using data analytics and IT to provide more data-backed suggestions to the stakeholders. Their main objective is to maximise overall business profitability and boost efficiency.

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Mid-Level Corporate Finance Jobs

  • Senior Financial Analyst: Once professionals develop expertise and experience, they become proficient in making decisions regarding the company’s investment strategy and formulating financial policies. This is what encompasses the role of a senior financial analyst. They also supervise other financial departments to prepare recommendations with a given budget and aim to increase the company’s profitability.

  • Cash Manager: Cash managers monitor the company’s cash flow, manage cash flow on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and actively take credit-related decisions. Their core objective is to minimise the cash amount owed to the company and maximise the amount to pay out for goods and services, all this without violating any regulatory industry guidelines.

Senior-Level Corporate Finance Jobs

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO): A CFO is undeniably one of the highest positions in the hierarchy of corporate finance. They are responsible for monitoring and managing the financial and accounts departments. They oversee every minute detail in the financial operations performed, including cash flow monitoring, accounting, financial reporting and planning, etc.

  • Financial Controller: A financial controller oversees the company’s accounting activities and holds more responsibility for financial planning, cost analysis and risk management. They ensure accuracy in reporting and regulatory compliance to boost the company’s profit margins.

  • Treasurer: A treasurer manages the company’s financial assets and liquidity and is vitally responsible for optimising cash flow. It also looks after the overall fiscal transactions, maintaining financial stability, monitoring potential risks and maximising investment returns.

It takes considerable years of experience and expertise to reach a senior designation in corporate finance. But have you ever considered seeking a rewarding job while building a public finance management career?

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Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance: A Leap towards Successful Corporate Finance Career

Corporate finance is one of the premier fields when discussing management in finance. It requires a multitude of skills, determination and the suitable capacity to handle complex financial tasks. 

Although it’s not vital to have a master’s degree, a professional certification or training can help you climb the ladder of corporate finance with greater credibility. Relevant credentials, such as a postgraduate diploma in banking and finance, can give you added privilege to more excellent opportunities and advance your career in numerous ways.

Speaking of which, Expertrons’ PG Diploma in Banking and Financial Management is the ladder to career success that promises aspiring professionals a comprehensive learning experience, exposure to the industry, expert guidance from eminent professionals in the industry and whatnot.

The program also boasts 100% placement assurance, training and upskilling aspiring professionals, propelling them towards a promising career. You also get awarded with not just 1 but 3 industry-recognized certifications from the Kotak Mahindra Bank, AIMA and the State University of New York! All these combined put you far ahead in the competition, leveraging your chances of success.


Looking at how the finance industry is undergoing a total change in work modules, focusing more on effectiveness and efficiency, the demand for corporate finance professionals will surely rise. Excelling at each step and embracing a growth mindset for career development can be a stepping stone into a successful corporate finance career.

So, if you have a knack for finance, ensure you actively engage in learning opportunities and training programs to remain at the edge of every new industry trend for a fulfilling corporate finance career!

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate finance is the branch of finance that focuses on how corporations make their financial decisions- including funding, risk management and investments. Their main area of job deals with capital management, capital structure and budgeting to help increase the company’s profitability and shareholder value.

Most sought careers in corporate finance include financial analysts, cash managers, business analysts, senior financial analysts and strategic planners. However, senior-level jobs that are highly desirable include Chief financial officer, CEO and treasurer.

The two fundamental parameters to succeed in corporate finance are proficiency in financial analysis and strong quantitative skills. Other essential skills include critical thinking, decision-making, sound knowledge of the financial markets and business acumen.

Although a degree in finance can lay a solid foundation for entering corporate finances, it is only partially necessary. Education in economics, business or commerce or professional certifications and training can also help build a career in finance with relevant experience and skillsets.

Corporate finance is one of the most acclaimed fields that offer substantial growth with experience and knowledge. It offers promising growth opportunities with lucrative compensation packages that advance from financial analysts to cash managers and CFOs as you gain experience and expertise.

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