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What’s the difference between a Job and a Career?

Have you ever mistaken your Job for your Career? Ever wondered what the difference is? How far is this reference correct? Or Is there more to it than we know?

Let us discover the difference between a Job and a Career:

What is a Job?

A job is a source of earning. You can have as many Jobs from different industries, which might help you gain knowledge and refine your skill-set. But that won’t define your whole career.

A person will do the minimum work that is necessary for the Job. There was a time when people used to work only in one company. Today the scenario has changed; you need to keep switching jobs to improve.

What is a Career?

Career is more goal-oriented. It is for a person who is passionate about that specific domain and wishes to strengthen his grasp of the respective skills.

Career-oriented people tend to care more about quality (of the tasks they perform) than quantity (money they get for a specific task). They are ready to work tirelessly to improve themselves until they are satisfied with their work.

How do Careers and Jobs influence each other:

A Job is a part of a Career

To be efficient at your dream career, you need to learn the desired skill set, get an understanding of the market and gain experience; this is what you can achieve through Job(s).

Every job targets something and improves your skills, thus helping you grow. With each job, you recognize the value of time management and efficiency. You also get a chance to network within your domain community, which in turn promotes you to build an influential career.

A Career helps to improve your Job

If you are a career-focused person then your job will be task-based rather than time/money-based. You will be more focused on working towards improving yourself and learning from your mistakes.

This will encourage you to evolve and develop, thus gaining more job opportunities for your future career.

Attending seminars, workshops, or online classes will help you strengthen the professional grasp of your work.

A mentor can help you achieve the desired position, by advising you to take the right decision. Furthermore, you can ask them specific questions related to your jobs and skills, to develop your career.

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