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Artistic cognizance is a desirable trait for an individual. During the yesteryears, art-oriented careers were looked down upon and were not appreciated by people. But today, the scenario is different as people have become more open and accepting of such career choices. (Jobs in Creative fields)

Are you someone who has a keen interest in the artistic or visual career spectrum? Here are some enticing options for you that will help you attain a place within this in-demand field offering generous pay. 

Designer – Design is a vast and rapidly growing industry. Design Jobs in Creative fields showcase an amalgamation of creativity and technology. Right from fashion and jewellery to product and software, every domain requires a designer. Graphic designers and web designers performing tasks like illustrations, typesettings, motion graphics, are in great demand within the work spheres in the present digital-driven scenarios. 

Art Director – If you have the creative intellect to transform a product into receptively embellished form then this is for you. As an Art Director, you are responsible for the overall visual creation of the media campaigns. You also coordinate or manage the cumulative work of the design teams. 

User Experience Designer – UX and UI is another budding and rapidly growing industry that is expected to be in demand in the upcoming years. It stands for user experience and user interface design which deals with altering applications envisioning the audience aimed to cater to. In today’s digital era, this is an extremely forthcoming career option.

Interior Designer – Who does not enjoy a well-furnished and aesthetically pleasing home or workspace. This is where an interior designer comes into play. Many architects have turned into part-time interior designers. Improvising a place with coordinated and toned furniture, lights, colours, symmetry and more is what an interior designer pans out.

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Graphic Designer – If computer animations and creativity is your cup of tea then graphic designing is the stream that is well suited for you. It deals with knitting various graphics together to create an animation. They play an integral role when it comes to the advertising industry.

One is required to have a prerequisite understanding of design applications and tools. This career is on a steep rise with innumerable opportunities and a great pay structure.  

The creative industry is very vast and opting for the right career can be challenging at times. Hard work and dedication can help you overcome all of the hurdles. It requires patience and perseverance to attain success. So stay focused and work hard towards your goal. 

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