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Apps for landing a Dream Job: The 5 best

Let’s face it: if you are a working citizen in India, you might not be having the best of times in terms of mental, financial or social health. This makes you find the best apps for landing a dream job.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has led to an all-India lockdown that could be extended if we are unable to control the disaster. If you are like most professionals or job-seekers, this unprecedented crisis is a huge challenge for you.

In order to cope with these tough times, you will have to look for opportunities to make the best use of during the time that you are stuck at home. In the following article, we look at incredibly useful and diverse apps for landing a dream job after the lockdown comes to an end. 

Coursera, edX & other MOOCs: 

Providing universal access to education offered by the world’s leading institutions, these MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) also present students who successfully complete their online courses with certificates. As these certificates are authorized by the institutions themselves, they can serve as valuable additions in your resume and give you an edge over competing candidates in a professional atmosphere.

Of course, the value of your certificate relies on the calibre of the awarding institution and the course’s relevance to your existing qualifications. There are hundreds of free and paid courses available that come with certifications (that too are either free or priced) which will be awarded as soon as you pass them.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, several certification courses have been made completely free. Here are some links to get you started: 



Expertrons is one of the best apps for landing a dream job. It’s an interactive Videobot Marketplace of Experts that has been making waves in the professional community owing to a unique and really useful service that it provides to job-seekers, students and anyone looking to get started on their dream job or internship. It is essentially an interactive chat experience with real professional experts – users can ask specific questions to any industry leader they want and learn how to crack interviews at the biggest companies and educational institutions worldwide.

Boasting an expert panel from Mastercard, BCG, Google, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Viacom 18, One Plus, Pepsi, Rakuten, IIM, ISB and more, Expertrons uses AI and Machine Learning to bring to its users the expert they need, accessible anytime from anywhere.

As a response to the coronavirus crisis, Expertrons has recently announced free access to the entirety of its application content – which is more than 12,000 minutes of videos from experts from a plethora of industries and domains.

Besides this volume of free content, they also provide paid one-on-one consultations with any expert that a user may wish to talk to and learn from.

Upwork, Fiverr & other freelance apps

Freelance work has become an industry on its own; hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide choose not to take full-time jobs and instead independently offer their services. 

Several channels for freelance work have come up that streamline the customer-service provider experience on a platform making it easy for people to offer and avail freelance work.

With workers being laid off or given unpaid leave due to the pandemic, it can be difficult to find sustenance. Not to mention job-seekers whose success rates are sure to have dropped owing to the economic disturbance. Apps for landing a dream job like Upwork and Fiverr provide a ripe opportunity to maintain the income flow during crunch times such as these.

Note: If you are already working with a company and seek to work as a freelancer, it is best to consult with your employer beforehand to ensure that you have consensus with them.

LinkedIn & other apps

Though job-searching and professional networking apps need little introduction, one may often miss their usefulness during a dull period such as LinkedIn

If you are not already using these applications, now is a good time for you to build for yourself a strong online presence and network. If you are already a user, you can use this time to update your profile, connections and get updated about the latest hiring trends and opportunities.


Glassdoor is one of apps for landing a dream job but it helps even beyond that.
Companies evolve over time – they change as they adapt to their own growth and expansion as well as to external factors like economical and social phenomena. As a professional, it is important to keep track of the dynamics of company and corporate culture. 

Glassdoor allows you to understand the inner working of companies by collecting and displaying user reviews submitted anonymously by the working force of such companies. 

The information on Glassdoor can be useful if you are looking at future prospects for your career, although it may not be comprehensive or accurate all the time. You can go through the website as part of your research to get additional perspective.

If you seek career guidance, interview preparations, resume building and company-specific training at one place, then Expertrons does all for you. Being one of the best apps for landing a dream job, Expertrons also assures 100% job referrals and placement to its aspirants. Download Expertrons app on your device now to start finding a career success.

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