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AI VideoBots: Direct Communication Your Business Needs

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AI Videobots: Direct Communication Your Business Needs

In this digital age where information can be accessed at one’s fingertips via the internet, people prefer communication that comes with ease and flexible access. As a result, companies are struggling to hold the waning attention spans of prospective and current customers and are pushing to provide the same level of comprehensive communication as before.

In this article, we look at the new innovation in business technology – videobots – with a focus on new-age solutions for online communication and sales.

The need for Videobots

With worldwide brand reach resulting in innumerable consumer choices, customer experience is one area where businesses can establish a loyal customer base. The acquisition, retention and service of customers have evolved to become dependent on capturing their attention, creating for them engaging and personalized experiences, and promoting their action with the help of automation. 

Videobots provide the best solutions for these needs. A versatile tool, the videobot can control and improve the digital customer experience. It can be customized and automated like a chatbot, personalized like phone conversation and be intuitive with ready-made questions like an FAQ page, all in one. Sweet, right? 

Some examples of videobot applications include:

Product promotions

Due to its form, video is more exciting than text – best evinced by how advertising is dominated by moving images. A videobot can replace posters and walls of information to introduce and promote new products.

Feedback systems

People often find it cumbersome to navigate through automated phone call systems that are busy and require long wait times, or write detailed emails that result in delayed responses, etc. Videobots eliminate wait times and are easy to use.

Query resolutions

Again, where text can provide information, a person can emphasize points and bring a level of personalization to provide clarity in the form of videobots.

Key account conversions

Due to their customizability, videobots can be tailored to suit regular customers to make them feel like they’re part of the inner circle if they are presented with “exclusive” conversations with the CEO of the company themselves.

24*7 lead generation

Customers can contact companies at their convenience and not be bothered to wait for time slots or working days, resulting in their immediate care and thus increased satisfaction.

By offering a single solution that eliminates various cost factors and giving better results, videobots can change the way a company approaches its virtual presence and processes. While businesses are largely still behind the curve in utilizing videobot technology to its full potential, those who do are witnessing considerable changes in engagement rates, registrations, subscriptions and purchases, to begin with.

With the advent of artificial intelligence in sales, automated processes take care of a large portion of its activities. However, it has not been associated with the loss of employment as expected to follow automation; it has simply reduced the time invested by sales personnel in the data handling, filing and other tasks enabling them to strategize their campaigns.

Data is the backbone of a videobot.  Once analysis of customer data is done, different types of videobots can be assigned as per customization, they can be automated to begin “calls” with customers by themselves. This transformation of the sale call allows personnel to become sales strategists while their videobot “assistants” take care of actual lead generation. With interactive and short video messages, it can also serve as a subject matter expert, customer service agent, or even a brand ambassador.

Other applications 

Due to its versatility, videobots find application in virtually any organization to aid in operations. Educational institutions can use videobots in admissions, placements, demos, training; NGOs and NPOs can use videobots in donation canvassing, creating awareness, providing services like teaching, etc. Companies themselves can use videobots for applications like employer-employee relations, internal training, product/services demos other than the functions discussed earlier. 

However, the technology is still young. Deploying AI-powered videobots requires heavy media processing for advanced speech recognition, transcoding, encryption, and mass scalability to support interactive engagement and services. 

Several companies, large and small, are in the race already to use videobot technology. While giants like Microsoft and Skype are using it to provide a virtual conversation for entertainment purposes, startups like India’s Expertrons are implementing it in edtech and career advancement by connecting professionals with students and aspirants by bringing to them valuable career experience in the form of videobots. The limits are seemingly endless.

Since it is still an experiment of sorts to replace existing solutions with videobots, we might not see widespread usages of the technology soon. However, the businesses that are going to adapt to this innovation right away will have a jumpstart when videobots become the new normal.

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