Need a job with 100% job guarantee? You are at the right place

Need a job with 100% job guarantee? You are at the right place !!

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100% job guarantee

Need a job with 100% job guarantee?

India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in the world, with a lot of new upcoming industries. This has made it possible for job seekers to get placed with a 100% job guarantee. In the fiscal year 2021- 22, the Indian economy expanded a whopping 8.2 percent.

The best professions are no longer engineering, medical, or teaching. The 20th century has brought along with it the multitude of other professions such as AI Specialists, HR executives, along with the grand world of sales & marketing professionals. As a result, youngsters today have many more career options to choose from.

Along with it, the internet provides online courses with job guarantees, which were not available to our past generations.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some professions which are at their peak potential & provide a 100% job guarantee in India:

1.  AI Specialist

Artificial Intelligence is in the rage & is taking over the world. This field has recorded an average annual growth rate of 74% in the past 5 years, making the job profile of an Artificial intelligence (AI) Specialist one of the most sought-after in 2022. If one has the proper skills, it is possible for one to have a 100% job guarantee

 AI Specialist

AI specialist jobs are one of the highest-paid jobs wherein a specialist primarily designs intelligent programs that can make computers “think” and perform human-centric tasks.

According to a top compensation & employee data company – Payscale, the average machine learning salary in India is approximately Rs. 6.8 lakhs p.a. Now, isn’t that a number worth considering? To their benefit, AI aspirants can also find online training with a job guarantee. They have access to job opportunities in university research, software companies, and IT/ITES companies.

2. Sales professionals –

Every organization worth its salt requires sales professionals. A very well known saying in the sales world is “A good salesman can sell himself before selling the product”. Therefore, good salesmen worth their game can ensure themselves 100% job guarantee. 

A sales professional’s job involves dealing with or persuading customers to buy a product or service. To do so, they search various territories for leads and offer potential customers information on the value of a product or service.

Sales professionals

Then they respond to important inquiries and explain the many benefits of a product, finally converting leads into a customer. The job’s ultimate goal is to obtain sales that ensure a company’s profit and growth.

Sales jobs are highly valued because of their unmatched earning potential. A sales professional who is good at his work, not only ensures a 100% job guarantee, but also humongous incentives. As a sales professional, one can start from a decent 4 lakh & move up to over 10 lakh p.a.

This makes sales positions one of the most sought-after job profiles as they provide unrivalled earning possibilities & 100% job guarantee in India. 

3. Cabin Crew –

Working as a member of the airline industry is a highly sought job role. To be perfect for the role a candidate requires solid communication skills, the ability to work long hours, and a pleasant demeanour. 

Cabin Crew

At the same time, the compensation is pretty pleasing, ranging between 3.6 lakhs to 6 lakhs p.a. Aspiring cabin crew members have access to multiple online courses with a job guarantee too. This makes the job option of a cabin crew member one of the most lucrative & sought-after job opportunities.

4. Marketing executives –

If there’s one group of people whose job it is to make you stop and stare and then make a purchase, then it is the marketing executive. 

Marketing executives

Marketing has evolved as the backbone of the corporate sector. Companies are investing large chunks of their budget in marketing strategies and research. Skilled & savvy marketing executives, therefore, will always have 100% job guarantee in India.

Plus, the basic salaries are lucrative, starting from 3 lakh p.a to over 15 lakh p.a. Rest assured, this is a job role, which is not going to go out of service, anytime soon.

Therefore, as we see all the jobs mentioned in this article are well rewarding ones, in terms of salary & scope. However, with the increasing population, there is increased competition.

To ensure that one has a 100% job guarantee in India, one has to be equipped with both soft & hard skills. This is where companies such as Expertrons come to one’s rescue. 

Come check out Expertrons – Expertrons offers candidates intensive soft & hard skill training, first-hand experience with capstone projects & and access to a community of over 6000+ experts. Their program also comes with a 100% Job Guarantee*. Sounds interesting?.

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